'3 without straw to street' milk tea shop

by:Smily Mia     2020-09-12
'3 without straw with dongguan wholesale market triggered heated debate, many public call or tweeting once use straw to drink out of the plastic in the hot drinks. SMW reporter found that most of this kind of '3 without straw to drink milk tea shop or small street shop. City bureau said temporarily not to market a straw sampling observation, people found the problem straws can be complaints. Lives in baishi continent of Mr. Chen, said yesterday at a food stand bought a cup of hot soy milk, not out of a straw soya-bean milk has a strong odor. Chen said very like the taste of plastic emits when it is heated, he pull out straw after disappears. According to understand, the formal qualified plastic straw under the highest temperature limit is not send out plastic taste, '' 3 without straw could be recycled waste plastics processing and become, once contact with high temperature, it may send out the plastic smell, cause a harm to human health. Reporters visited nan shan, futian district multiple restaurants and milk tea shop, most of the stores said straw supply of goods from the wholesale markets, nanshan avenue a milk tea shop owner said, in-store straw from south trade market of replenish onr's stock, takes a month thousands of root. A straw in the south trade market wholesalers store, reporter with open a bag of 100 pens juice straws, acrid plastic head on. Around the wholesalers admitted that its supply channels are mostly small factories, factory brand, but applying well-known straw straw material poor indeed. In a large number of '3 without straw into the corner shop, such as McDonald's, KFC, large chain restaurants are also being touched? Including McDonald's, KFC, starbucks, etc, several food group said, the use of straw are all meet the national production requirements, when choosing supplier will pay attention to its safety. City bureau said, at present had not received dongguan citizens straws to report, the problem of if people found that the problem can complain to the municipal bureau, at present no sampling straws quality plan, specific will by the municipal bureau law enforcement operations.
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