A little common sense about straw

by:Smily Mia     2020-09-01
Abstract: 1, the definition of straw, straw, or drink tube, and is a cylindrical, hollow plastic products, its main function is used to drinking a cup drink, also have to take some cooking good animals long bone marrow. Average diameter at 0. 5 cm, but used to eat yogurt, pearl milk tea drinks, such as using coarser straws, some have 1 diameter. 5cm。 Some relatively rare, diameter of tiny straws used to drink hot drinks. 2, the principle of straw: the principle of suction straw is using the principle of atmospheric pressure, when used to siphon off some of the air, the straw will cause smaller pipe pressure, and in order to balance the air pressure and atmospheric pressure will force liquid will rise. Stop on the inhale, liquid drops, returned to the pressure balance. This is the wonderful principle and application of straw. 3, the founder of straw, straw is Marvin stone in the United States in 1888, the 19th century, americans like to drink cold light sweet wine, in order to avoid mouth frozen strength reduction because of the heat of the wine, so drink don't mouth to drink, and with hollow natural straw to drink, but natural straw easily broken, the flavor of it will penetrate into the wine. At that time, the United States have a cigarette maker Marvin stone, inspired from the cigarette, made a paper straw. Try drinking, neither fracture, no odor. From then on, people not only use the straw when light sweet wine, other cold drink, also like to use paper straw. Plastic was invented, because plastic straws, flexibility, beautiful sex is better than paper and paper straw was replaced by the colorful plastic straws. 4, straw method: after the plastic melt, through the extrusion die, is the so-called mouthparts, then like syringes plastic extrusion machine, This process is continuous, the machine has a screw, will be at a certain speed extrusion) When, in the plastic softening, send into machine, direct forming, late again with machines for cutting, became what we see as a straw. 5, straw recycling: made of straw float is slightly rough, the shape of a single, but relatively speaking, flexural compressive strength. Make your own float, save not a few money, also are not much use straws, but for themselves, not only bring pleasure, fishing from the more important, practice of environmental protection, building a harmonious society concept.
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