A straw to drink but moth-proofing teeth?

by:Smily Mia     2020-09-26
The study found that drinking soda through a straw can reduce the risk of developing tooth decay, protect teeth, but straw must be put in the right place. Carbonated drinks a large amount of acid in the long-term drinking easily lead to tooth decay. Even some iced tea, canned also contains organic acids, such as malic acid for teeth has certain corrosion resistance. Drink the frequency and amount of drink every time remaining in the mouth of factors related to the type of tooth decay, location and extent. Buzz professor pointed out that the direct drink carbonic acid beverage by mouth, mouth like a pool, which is full of carbonated drinks to teeth completely acid 'soak' and easy to cause tooth decay, and put the straw near the incisors front is easy to cause tooth to tooth decay. Straws placed after the front teeth, pointing to the drinker esophagus, can reduce acid in large degree contact with the teeth. So drink through a straw can play the role of moth-proofing teeth.
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