A straw to drink water caused by inspiration

by:Smily Mia     2020-10-02
Recently, the time of that moment on a neighbor's child drink through a straw, yue-ming gao but in a flash, 'there are! 'Oral, straws, the surface of the water, before the suction will have an air space, take not assume that the air can directly drink the water? Yue-ming gao is taiyuan supplies section quality monitor of pier of oil storage and transportation workshop, he addresses the storage and transportation of the workshop is a large oil depot, taiyuan railway administration only annual throughput of oil more than 40000 tons, bear the global locomotive shortages, air-condition, rescue train, large machinery and transfer of production unit of diesel oil. 'Oil ( When unloading oil in tank of long pipe, shaped like a crane's neck to beak that some) Have more than 20 years of seniority, loading and unloading an oil tanker to 50 minutes, motor did fever, so pump stature also affected '. Yue-ming gao check oil gauge, while holding something in oil pump eddied round. 'High class, we are old products, in the 1990 s oil depot equipment normal operation is good, but also save electricity speed, it can do? 'Small coke in team has some questions. Usually he made love with a small yue-ming gao and ponder. After repeated experiments, the day was a straw to drink water after the enlightenment, plan out. After modification, not only solve the safety problems due to any equipment overheating and, also greatly saves the use of electricity. Electricity every year 3 before modification. 250000 yuan, after transforming electricity 1 every year. 220000 yuan, a year to save electricity. 2. 030000 yuan.
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