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by:Smily Mia     2020-09-10
A straw, seemed to be too light to light, seemed to get simply cannot again simple. Made in the 'Internet +' and 'smart' concept of flying today, to do this and future? In most of the straw can only be sold by tons, box, bag, profits by li and timing, with companies of straw can be sold by only, packets, profits can be yuan meter. There was a doorway? : let's take a look at such a straw over long straw, and had a pink 'heart', 'heart' of the arc on the two sides, there is a small straw as a pair of small plait. Heart-shaped cavity contains water check and filter device, solves the synchronous drinking straw must be two traditional couples of embarrassment, also can prevent the reverse flow of liquid, leading to cross infection. Such 'love straw' applies to the lovers, parents and children, such as wedding occasions is very appropriate, price 18 yuan per only online, manufacturer is no problem to more than 100% of the gross profit earned. : there was a straw colored straws in the upper, into a ball. The ball made of food grade raw material to open the, is where the 'hide' tablets. So you can play in imperceptible to coax the baby take the medicine. For such 'ha ha straw', many parents will darling money. In zhejiang province double straw products showroom, similar products have more than 40, and a total of more than 300 kinds of straw, reflex the light colorful. 'Straw although small, but we dug in to do it. We don't blindly comparing with others, but to focus on one thing really, really well, believe that there would always be a lot of room to grow. 'Double child straw chairman LouZhongPing with reporters to talk business at the office. The enterprise with a history of 21 years holds the patent, two-thirds of the world's straw in the first five months of this year the profit is more than the whole of last year. Today, China's traditional manufacturing industry, regardless of the production of shoes, clothes, or hardware, household appliances, is becoming more and more thin in rapidly rising costs and profits before plugging after cutting, the simple scale expansion has overwhelmed, transformation and upgrading of only a path. However, it's easier said than done. The practice of double child straws, though not necessarily apply to every enterprise, but is certainly beneficial enlightenment. 'I don't talk transformation, but advocates the spirit of craftsman. High-tech enterprises could not have turned to do, but you can do better. Is the key to improve enterprise's position in the industry chain unceasingly, otherwise in the low-end always hard work. 'Sell peddler origins, startup after rough LouZhongPing, has always maintained a keen and awe of the market, saying very honest. The development of Chinese enterprises, are used to big strides and expanding scale. However, in the history of the development of double child straws, once retreat is critical. LouZhongPing said, transformation and upgrading of double child began a decade ago in a retreat. Double TongYuan is rent workshop, 2004 18 acres finally have their own factories. Like most entrepreneurs, domestic LouZhongPing want a larger plant, in 2005, he again to take 85 acres, but gave up at the last minute. When straw industry have excess capacity, the enterprise annual output value of more than 4000 ten thousand yuan, and 85 mu plant at least to invest 200 million yuan, the interest burden can't afford to back. 'Then I think, why have to add? Can you do subtraction? Blind pursuit of maximum doesn't make sense, do your best. 'LouZhongPing said. LouZhongPing introduces, at the end of 2005 for the first five years development plan, put forward three points: the first expansion of the plant, no longer but rather through product position in the industry chain, marketing innovation to ascend; The second put more resources into employees, improve their living, to strengthen training; The third to promote energy conservation and environmental protection, with a garden-like factory produce high quality products. The first five years, factory is so big, but per capita output increase nearly 8 times. 2011 pairs of children began to do the second five-year plan, are three important points: one is to speed up the pace of innovation, the second is to complete the manager team reorganization, 3 it is to solve the problem of corporation 2 DaiChuanCheng. Will soon celebrate the third five-year plan of the pairs of children's future will be how? LouZhongPing revealed that, in response to the trend of green environmental protection, the double child has made can be natural degradation even can 'eat' straws, using biomass materials without pollution to the environment. Currently have yet to work out the price on the high side, not resistant to high temperature, it is to get ready for the next ten years, always keep leading technology. 'German and Japanese manufacturing is pursued the goal of China's manufacturing industry. You look at their small and medium-sized enterprises, very focused, very spirit, has a 'defence. You are changing, must be a lifetime to do anything bad. Sink to settle again difficult thing also can do a good job. 'LouZhongPing moved by said.
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