Advantages and disadvantages of beverage straw

by:Smily Mia     2020-09-13
A drink with a straw, but may be the risk of injury to the liver cancer. Straw as a packaging tool, as a result of polypropylene non-toxic, and can bear the high temperature of 100 degrees, the regulations of the state, can only be used for straw polypropylene. However, some businesses use inferior low polyethylene, even the polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and other industrial raw materials. These materials heat resistance is poor, in more than 60 degrees hot water will become soft, release the poisonous and harmful ingredients. In addition, when the straw into liquid acid liquid such as fruit juice, carbonated drinks, straw color dye can dissolve in drinks. Some 'cartoon straw' and 'fun straw' contains the chemical material such as plasticizer, fluorescent agent, has become a potential carcinogenic factors. There are tricks how to pick a straw, in fact, as early as 2009 at the end of November, the polypropylene drinking straw national standard has been published, and in May 2010 formally implemented. In accordance with the relevant provisions, disposable plastic straws are food related products, the production enterprise must obtain food related products production license certificate issued by the quality supervision department. On the outer packing, must have the QS logo, and in accordance with the relevant national regulations indicate the use of materials, producer name and address. 'Any not meet the conditions of straw straw belong to the problem. 'Said a staff of the Beijing municipal bureau of quality and technical supervision. Said dong jinshi, try not to use color straw, bright color is likely to be used to cover up the impurities. Its raw materials do not rule out is to use industrial grade plastic, and even the possibility of waste plastics recycling. Identify problems straw can follow three steps: first is the 'look', see the information on the production of packaging, production date, shelf-life, production license and serial number ( QS logo) , and then distinguishes the color, colorful don't buy as far as possible, the darker want special attention. And then to 'smell', smell a smell before drink straws not contact with and without pungent odor, if there is peculiar smell, that affirmation is straw. Normal manufacturer production of straw non-toxic side effects to human body, but the use of recycling waste plastic straws, after high temperature, contact with the dissolution of the poisonous and harmful material in plastic and at the same time, do not rule out with heavy metal impurities, long-term use of inferior straw will affect the person's liver, blood disease or neurological disease, the person that weigh can cause cancer.
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