Airbus _ silicone products said was stunned

by:Smily Mia     2020-11-09
Few days ago in our country the 19th acquisition of science and technology exposition was held in Beijing, China is one of the original invention jiahao honey of silica gel products feel small make up, and the network and its unusual, known as the 'iron', there is a large bus, with the subway as large capacity, also can run like a bus on the ground, make a lot of people just think of the invention will not apply to our real life, but today, according to news reports, in henan province qinhuangdao iron successful birth of the world's first homemade car, and officially open comprehensive experiment on today. The invention is considered by many netizens are initially cannot be applied to real in our real life, but along with the development of science and technology make a lot of new technology products to take off the lead, in just a few months from the release of the invention in custom to the model, it is about 22 meters long. 7. Eight meters high. 4. 8 m senior train was revealed in front of us, but invented the train is not just for sightseeing, and according to jiahao honey and silica gel products factory small make up to know, the trains to solve in the middle of the urban road congestion, and one-time can accommodate about 300 people, convenient and quick so good. And 'iron' is a collection of urban bus rapid transit and subway advantages in one new type of large volumes of public transport. It has both the subway as large capacity, but also can run like a bus on the ground. Its design is suitable for the city over the pavement of the main road, depending on the electric drive, using large volumes wide-body overhead trolley design, uplift the architecture design of the upper passenger, the lower part can normal ride height 2 meters of the vehicle. But it still make many net friend said, 'some of safety must be considered a bit more comprehensive'. Dongguan silicone products manufacturer - Jiahao honey jas ( www。 smilymia。 com)
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