Anti - aging silicone rubber band factory Dongguan aging proof phone silicone rubber band custom manufacturer

by:Smily Mia     2020-12-21
Anti - aging silicone rubber band factory Dongguan anti aging manufacturer of silicone rubber band custom phone silicone rubber bands using silicone material is not compared with other materials on the performance of the main substance of non-crystalline state, different kinds of products, different methods of making its performance will be different, belong to the softer material, with metals, organic glass, ceramic material such as the difference is bigger, so need to pay attention to the details of the problems in the process of using or more widely! Anti aging silicone rubber factory aging proof silicone rubber band factory what are: the current silicone products compare with common adverse phenomenon, the product is too dirty, causing reasons whether raw material clean raw materials suppliers, manufacturers cut rubber mixing rubber and when the machine is clean, molding machine mould it is clean and so on, for the product is too dirty, manufacturer in silicone rubber bands of each link is a need to pay attention to, so many suppliers to clean production, products appear bubble phenomenon, on the molding process, lead to undesirable phenomenon but several phenomenon cause, time control, temperature control, the design of the mould and so on! Jiahao honey, silicone rubber products co. , LTD. Free telephone: 400 - 0769 - 878 anti aging silicone rubber factory which good: remember when I was a child I impression of rubber is a single color yellow, that is used to fix the articles for daily use, few people used as decoration, but after silicone rubber accessories in the silicone rubber band edge following the industry become a popular fashion accessories. Compared to the above, the silicone rubber band performance is different, the material belongs to the synthesis of silicone rubber, mainly methyl, methyl vinyl, the material has good stability and no conflict! Hybrid combination reaction does not occur with other substances, in a different environment can guarantee a certain flexibility, toughness and resilience. And performance, there is no change on the silicone rubber band effect can achieve good security, stability, and use the aging! Dongguan anti aging silicone rubber manufacturer telephone: silicone rubber band is with silica gel is composed of silicate gel mSiO2 · nH2O appropriate dehydration of particles of different size of porous material. With open porous structure, specific surface ( The surface area of unit mass) Is very big, can absorb a lot of material, is a kind of very good desiccant, adsorbent and catalyst carrier. Silica gel adsorption is mainly physical adsorption, can be recycled and repeatedly used. In the alkali metal silicate ( Such as sodium silicate) Add acid solution, acidification, stir and add a certain amount of electrolyte, namely generate silicate gel; Or in the concentration of sodium silicate solution adding acid or ammonium salt can also generate silicate gel. Silicic acid congealed gel will rest for a few hours of aging, then wash with hot water soluble salts, under 60 ~ 70 ℃ drying and activation when about 300 ℃, can get the silicone.
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