Appreciate the silicone tableware hardware package details and process of adhesive joint

by:Smily Mia     2020-12-23
Kitchen utensils and tableware in silica gel material is now more popular a way of cooking utensils, with the continuous development of the silicone industry technology hardware package of plastic tableware has become the current industry rare species, the domestic many restaurants and families begin to use item silicone kitchen utensils and appliances, and adopt the way of hardware silica gel is the silica gel products used in the industry is more of a process, it is for kitchen utensils and tableware package way and technology can make products guaranteed! Hardware plastic bags, such as incomplete and inferior serious problem when the defective product is leakage phenomenon of hardware, such as consumers to buy after long-term use of hardware will be wide, the 'direct use of silicone spoon and bowl chopsticks and other items that will cause certain harm, so for the silicone glue craft more security is to be aware of how a drawback, and silica gel tableware processing technology is the main problem, so for the silicone bag hardware process should be how to make? , hardware is divided into many types, and silica gel bag of plastic processing technology such as a bonding weak probably because hardware cannot be bonded with adhesive, bonding efficiency is usually hardware, glue and rubber and treating agent and so on several ways to practice, and hardware types are divided into different material needs to choose a different compound glue and glue processing, such as anodized aluminum and its alloys, copper plating of steel processing, need to use chemical method. After processing the surface of the metal, after processing the surface of the coated with adhesive, silicone rubber or immersed in an inert solvent. Glue, glue and the choice of treatment, is one of the important auxiliary material, hardware plastic bags of different materials, choose a different glue, silica gel tableware and metal bonding require relatively strong liquid glue, need to stick to the silicone and hard metal materials at room temperature, treatment is important, comparison on hardware such as treating agent for evenly after will lead to the long-term use of silicone kitchen utensils and appliances such as partial sliding phenomenon. Three different bonding method, product, and select the different bonding method, silica gel tableware silicone kitchen utensils and appliances is usually divided into hot pressing fixed-line and cold glue, moulded fixed-line method mainly after the brush glue under the condition of mould heat molding, products reach the effect of adhesive after curing, cold sticking method is chosen to use the liquid glue after manual or mechanical bonding through static discharge or high temperature drying method, different methods for the different silica gel products, mainly have a certain relationship with the structure of the silica gel products! Five, structure and positioning of products, silicone products and adhesive elastic effect of the structure of the product and a fixed position have strongly associated, so try to increase the bonded area, improve the bearing capacity of the adhesive joint, stick in the direction of the force bearing length shoulds not be too long, should increase the adhesive width, as far as possible to know the Angle is better than that of rectangular component, the plane is more superior to bevel surface, so the product at the time of design for glue stick product the best contact to find as much as possible.
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