Be rush delivery - Silica gel products factory how to improve product delivery

by:Smily Mia     2021-01-02
When it comes to product delivery, must have many suppliers have received an emergency delivery, sometimes silicone products manufacturer in the production process may be a little small error in time to the customer's delivery requirement won't lead to loss of the customer, although the problems caused by this kind of phenomenon is not the quality of the product, but if not timely feedback customer in terms of delivery, that might be the problem of good faith, so in addition to the reasons such as ( Logistics, express delivery, etc. ) In the factory every working procedure to achieve high standards of efficiency to a certain speed, so that on the one hand, can finish the work ahead of time to ensure delivery, on the other hand can bring more profit for the company. For molding process, improve product is a major shortcut, finish delivery speed vulcanization of molding process is the fastest way, vulcanization time and speed depends on personnel, products, raw materials, three factors, so the operator within the prescribed period of time required for in and out of the mold of the pendulum material pickup is one of the most important, in the process of operation can remember the following tips, placed in the machine is used in the process of sulfide material method to find the best job, to ensure that the yield of silica gel products and secondary loading speed, the second row of holes in order to ensure the normal order of the exhaust stroke process, can adjust the pressure of the machine such as mould can use tools to pry from smaller die ensure die inner air discharge, all increase the curing rate. In guarantee product no bubbles in the cause of the machine and the absence of bad, you can try to promote vulcanization temperature decrease the curing time, temperature rise would, of course, for the product has certain influence so hard softness for experienced personnel ascending temperature decrease time, on the pendulum material in time and in and out of the mold to control in the range of a certain amount of time, the other in the process of machining the appropriate spraying mold release agent, normal demoulding of the product, the product if it is no good to parting advice can sand blasting or spray teflon, the machine if there is a vacuum cover use vacuum to ensure the quality of the product and the curing rate. In addition to ensure the normal production of molding process, the raw material the precision blanking above can guarantee the efficiency of the product reaches a certain, for vulcanizing agent can choose efficient perkin vulcanizing agent to ensure the quality of the finished product and forming of curing rate. Improve production delivery except for the molding process in the packaging and QC on the backend process need for the product clear burrs to master certain skills, how to correct the demolition of burrs and can guarantee the quality of the products, packing speed and so on all need skilled technique methods, so the summary point silicone products manufacturer in order to promote production delivery, in every procedure, the above need to mature experience to be at customer's request to let oneself have a better reputation and development. Dongguan silicone products factory - Jiahao honey yali, silicone rubber products co. , LTD. http://www。 smilymia。 com/)
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