Bluetooth stereo set advantage popular science silicone products

by:Smily Mia     2020-11-10
After I get home from work, a lot of city people will be in home beautiful music to alleviate the pressure of work and mood, and listen to music with the development of electronic products is not in heavy subwoofer is at the beginning, but a small mobile phone or bluetooth stereo headphones, and portable bluetooth stereo become contemporary popular trend, many young people will take free time to listen to music but electronics are afraid of falling, how can you lack of the silica gel protective sleeve as a portable product safety appliance? With the integration of electronic products and the silicone technology, at present many of the products will be silicone material into plastic material as the exterior decoration, silica gel stereo set, of course, is no exception. As early as in 2012 and with the development of intelligent products, bluetooth stereo also recognised by many consumers, from portable way, radio transmission, the appearance of the fashion design have been consumer's heart, so many silicone products manufacturer over the past few years has in case this express many new enterprise foothold gradually, silicone products and therefore fire through the great river north and south many electronic industry are in a hurry for the design of the case, as the design of the ascension many silica gel material are attracting the eye of consumers, from color, appearance, shape, and improve quality of silica gel products innovation. You know silica gel stereo set in use process what are the advantages and special? One of its main role good protection product surface from scratch or broken, waterproof, anti-fouling. We all know that the electronic product itself has a unique appearance design in metal or plastic surface shell added all sorts of design, silicone products, of course, is no exception to the surface of the pursuit of consumers beautiful, silicone products manufacturer in the production process to add a monochromatic K of different shapes, to the design of the die design method to make concave and convex shape of stereo feeling, use screen printing, glue process to produce different patterns, and so on craft to produce different products. The most important still is a bit, silica gel belongs to the non-toxic environmentally friendly products! Dongguan silicone products manufacturer - Jiahao honey jas ( www。 smilymia。 com)
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