Bonding process of silicone rubber products have you ever know? - Industry information

by:Smily Mia     2020-12-07
Glue bonding process on a lot of products have a good effect, is no exception in the bonding process of silicone rubber products, currently in the industry have a lot of toys, gifts, silica gel to hang and so on many silicone products are choose this way, the surface of adhesive, internal bonding and local adhesive and so on a variety of methods, and this method exactly is what reason to let it fall off? Hardware plastic products package plastic craft mainly lies in the choice of product structural glue sealing, and structure is the main body, the glue is time, children as common silicone spoon is a common craft, metal belongs to slip sheet and have a fixed place so there is no phenomenon can not directly apply the glue, and some of the adhesive products belong to silicone adhesive coated metal and have no fixed place commonly, this way will need glue to complete! But the problem is depends on the effect of glue! Generally the solid content of special coating glue has a certain proportion, silicone adhesive metal slow to dry glue, plastic glue need high temperature to offer to take effect, you need to achieve environmental protection function of silica gel bonded silica gel material so need to use environmental protection glue, and use the liquid glue coated by hand placed neatly in the baking, after this kind of glue is environmental protection non-toxic, respond to other substances does not conflict. And bonding method of silica gel products very much, the silica gel for material for textile, plastic, silicone, metal, leather and so on many kinds of material of adhesive, for different products of silicone rubber products manufacturer chooses different bonding process, the size of the difficulty mainly depends on the structure of the product!
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