Businesses should choose quality assured straw

by:Smily Mia     2020-09-23
When we drink beverage, milk and other liquid products, often use a straw. As a direct contact with human dental items, we must choose straw with quality guarantee. Because drink acid alkali and different temperature when using, quality does not pass the sucker is easy to release itself contain chemicals, and enters the body through the body's absorption of the oral mucosa, and drink mix is absorbed by the digestive system at the same time. So as a merchant, cannot blindly covet is cheap, should for consumers to choose products of good quality and security are assured, straw.

what kind of straws are of good quality first,
'look', straw packaging have QS logo; Straws to choose color, if there is one color, the security of straw will reduce, the darker that will attract attention; There are no black spots impurities or break the bubbles in the straw, if you have these products may have quality problems. Secondly 'smell', in the straw before contact beverage acrid smell a smell any peculiar smell, if it is possible that chemical damage your health. If began to knead a pinch, pinch the straw is flat without flexibility, then this straw material is thin, poor quality, easy to get sucked in the process of using a flat.

how to use the right scale straw straw's main function is used to drinking a cup drinks, so everyone noticed when using straws straw on the scale? The straw manufacturers to introduce for you. Graduated pipette is a precision liquid measuring instrument. In use should pay attention to the following points: first, remain the straws vertical when liquid absorption and reading. Second, the readings remain liquid level with the eyes in a horizontal line. Third, because of surface tension of liquid in a straw will form a concave, to pick up at the bottom of the concave numerical reading. The above three points is the correct use of calibration straws, the hope can help you!
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