Can drink through a straw moth-proofing teeth?

by:Smily Mia     2020-08-31
With teenagers like carbonated drinks because contain a large amount of acid, regular drinking can lead to tooth decay. Even some iced tea, canned also contains organic acids, such as malic acid is very corrosive for teeth. Professor for those who have the habit to drink after statistical analysis found that drinking frequency and time remaining in the mouth of the drinks and other factors will affect the type of tooth decay, location, and serious. Professor buzz that drink carbonic acid beverage directly with the mouth, can make the mouth like a pool, which is full of carbonated drinks so much that the teeth 'soaked' by acid, which can easily lead to tooth decay; And put the straw in incisors front easily lead to near the tooth to tooth decay. Straws placed after the front teeth, pointing to the drinker esophagus, acid can minimize contact with the teeth. Dongguan jiahao honey ya technology co. , LTD. , founded in 1998, specializing in distribution of various disposable tableware: | | | dongguan dongguan straw straw plant straw/straw plant/water cup lunch box, drinking straws, chopsticks, environmental protection, environmental protection soup bowl, cups, spoons, chopsticks cover, paper toothpicks, napkins, etc. Now has dozens of; Straws, chopsticks, toothpicks, chopsticks sets, packaging production line. As the customer requirement book edition, the order quantity production. Distribution and service with dongguan numerous restaurants, cafes, supermarkets, and the major wholesale markets. Part of the product sales, has covered the pearl river delta, and exported to overseas.
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