Car single point - silicone buttons Dongguan car factory single-point custom silicone buttons telephone

by:Smily Mia     2020-12-09
Car single point - silicone buttons Dongguan single-point custom silicone buttons telephone factory car single-point custom silicone buttons: P + R buttons: using silica gel and plastic materials through hydraulic molding, injection molding, cutting, printing, oil spraying, electroplating, laser carving production process, such as appearance generous and simple sense is tenacious, also can show the product variety of color, but this product mould cost expensive than other buttons, development cycle is relatively long. Mainly used in: electronic dictionary key, machine learning, such as mobile phone keys, bank password button. Car single-point silicone buttons in the continuous development of society and at the same time, convenience and hidden danger is coexistence, the cause of the many events also can restore through security monitoring, in addition to real-time monitoring when necessary can also trigger the alarm system, not only can record all the real and the function of warning against, so in the security monitoring is so widely used today, small make up to you to introduce custom security monitoring silicone control buttons to pay attention to? On the surface, the security monitoring silicon control button front three colors, black conductive grain on the back. The security monitoring silicone custom control buttons when will the first thing to note is string of color, the three color is of good mixing different colors of silicone raw materials, put into the forming several stage heat moulding, and need experienced operator according to the process operation, avoid the phenomenon such as color, overflow color. Second silicone key rebound, the positioning of the column is reasonable, and so on, all of these is the monitoring silicone custom control buttons should pay attention to the details of the car single-point silicone button manufacturer: so it is related to people's lives and wash, our lives are often use these silicone products key, mobile phone keys in life, automobile motorcycle remote control button, computer keyboard key, DVD, VCD, remote control, etc. , these silicone buttons have wear-resisting, feel is good, not easy contorts, can use for a long time, etc. These silicone products keys are often very complicated production process to finished products, including the first preparation, mixing, hydraulic forming, processing, screen printing, surface treatment, such as injection process can be made into finished products, so a small silicone products button and is the crystallization of worker pay a lot of hard work! This is you don't know the silica gel products button. Second, silica gel products of the production workshop, molding workshop, preparation workshop if the environment is not clean, silicone raw materials save incomplete, exposed to air, it easy to absorb dust, will cause the fluorescent stains during molding silicone buttons, so in the process of production of avoid by all means must standardize operations, to ensure that the work environment clean and health, and do it often clean, often clean. Car factory single-point silicone buttons telephone: radium vulture silicone buttons have a common feature, that is is pervious to light, that's why many customers choose a laser carving process. But radium vulture silicone buttons is only the pervious to light this feature? That is surely not, coming up from laser carving production analysis, the base of color is transparent silicone, silicone buttons on its surface spraying all sorts of color ink, and using the laser carving part ink will not need to burn, burn out of spec character design, but as a result of radium vulture is to burn, spraying a layer of ink in ink not integrity, if not surface during spray PU oil spray or handle the process, the key characters will be easy to fall off. Is precisely because these processes, also decided to radium vulture silicone buttons is generally expensive in screen printing silicone buttons, and radium vulture silicone buttons also have feel is good, appearance is more beautiful, at the same time character higher wear resistance. A client from the Internet to find our jiahao honey, customize a fever take silicon switch button, but the customer told us that he only circuit board, no product and no 3 d drawings, for general silicone factory, light has a circuit board is difficult to make a product. When we learned that after the needs of customers, let the customer to send boards to us, then the business director wu immediately and engineering MuGong together to discuss, how to according to the requirements of customers, design drawings and mould, through constant communication with the customer to confirm, the last successful open mold custom made accounts want silicone buttons, customer satisfied after receive the sample.
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