Carefully choose different car mat MATS material what are the potential safety hazard

by:Smily Mia     2020-12-30
Careful selection of automobile safety problems in different floor mat material have what car MATS may seem a small thing, in fact, in real life to play the role of a life. Because of its nearest auto throttle, brake and clutch position, if floor MATS choose reasonable enough, is likely to affect the braking efficiency, thereby affect the life. Wire circle pads: wire circle of automobile pollution ability strong, easy to clean, suitable for one of the four seasons. Coiled strips structure of floor MATS, dust and dirt effectively control can be inside the mat, so carrying capacity is very strong absorption coiled MATS. And wire circle MATS is not easy to skid problems, lay coiled pads in the car gives a person a kind of high-grade feeling. But small coverage, coiled MATS in the wire circle PAWS as surrounded by big PAWS. Car floor mat roughly divided into the following categories: plastic/silicone MATS, silicone rubber pad for stain resistant, easy cleaning, etc, material is qualitative soft once is also very popular among the owners. In use process, because of the silicone rubber material cost is higher, and plastic floor mat is slippery, less security and stability, combined with rubber materials and produce harmful smell, so gradually eliminated by the market. For material and use MATS, and no clear provisions of law. But because the displacement of floor MATS, installation is wrong and affect the automobile brake pedal work accidents occur frequently. So how to just calculate correct installation and use of MATS? Car sister reminds, when we install and use MATS notice the following several aspects. Some owners in order to facilitate cleaning, will again on fabric material MATS laid a layer of rubber, PVC, etc. Easy to clean floor MATS. According to the online survey, laying double PAWS in PAWS shift the risk is very high. Double MATS laid make upper floor mat can not be fixed, prone to shift events. Because of the pads are very new, so owners tend to be more easy to neglect, boost risk of accident. Deformation of floor MATS should be replaced in a timely manner to use a certain limit MATS in general will appear the phenomenon of deformation, such as the corners of camber, etc. MATS position easily jam accelerator or brake. Some unkempt owners even number is never replace a floor mat, it is very dangerous! Use after period of time, the owner should check to see if the MATS have deformation, has the deformation of floor mat owner owner should be replaced immediately. Positive and negative floor mat is very similar, some cars mainly carefully identify clearly. MATS of both the front and reverse not only cannot have dustproof prevent slippery effect, but also cannot be firmly fixed, even with the pedal interference occurs. Before and after reverse laying are also prohibited. For car MATS of special material and fabric, the position of reverse happens rarely. But try to identify carefully when installation, for installation in the correct way. So how to just calculate correct installation method? Here we say together. Should choose to match the car floor mat different models, driving the shapes of the floor. In order to better fit the car side floor contour, the owner should choose car special, try to avoid choosing universal MATS. Ensure floor MATS will not interfere with the use of pedal laid floor MATS, in order to ensure driving side MATS will not affect the use of the accelerator and brake pedal, manual vehicle also includes clutch. Ensure floor mat is fixation of the new models are equipped with fixed bolt MATS. To install, be sure to use a fixed bolt to fix floor MATS. With no fixed bolt's old car MATS, car owners can choose when to install homemade fixed glue, to ensure that the pads will not shift. Method to avoid pedal is stuck in addition to the floor MATS could cause improper use pedal is stuck outside, car something without fixed good stuff is likely to be in the car rolling even sticking pedals, cause an accident. Back seat passengers also be careful not to put the water bottles and other objects in the back seat of the floor, because a lot of cars and in the back of the bottom of the front seat is connected, the brakes when it is possible to the driver's pedal. Maintenance work at ordinary times, can let the guy help to check the pedal.
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