Child silicone products silicone spoon production solution

by:Smily Mia     2020-12-03
Spoon belongs to one of life tableware is life we often use the table tool, the spoons and the silicone industry belongs to the category of silicone products, silicone material not soft like metal or wood, ceramic, it is mainly used for infants and young children and the elderly tableware, soft material mainly to protect their oral from harm, particularly for infants and young children use a metal easily scratch mouth is fresh, the ceramic is easy to broken plastic snap easily swallowed into the stomach, so the silicone material to make the first selection of infants and young children the spoon. Due to belong to the tableware and so on all sorts of performance requirements are higher so the production process is more complex, general silicone products manufacturer can choose among the silicone spoon used metal, plastic bags, so when production will choose in the exterior metal wrapped in plastic bags first process, will inevitably be so after a few steps down product undesirable phenomena, such as dirty, internal displacement of metal by mould pressing, secondary migration, asymmetric, and so on reasons, make product in the market now most of the silicone spoon is chosen to use high transparent material, so the inside of the products is completely visible, that how to control to reduce bad? Pay attention to the production environment around during production to keep the machine clean and tidy to prevent dust into the mold, the material put in plastic bags in the attention to detail the attention when seat swing metal plastic bags placed seat whether migration, silicone spoon in the production of mixing rubber's attention to detail is to put in the metal pieces of plastic bags, the product need proper stretch in the middle of raw materials and hardware while maintaining parallel to the other is that of health, kept clean production environment to make qualified fine products! Dongguan jiahao honey jas website: https://dbsilicone. 1688. Jas (com/dongguan jiahao honey www。 smilymia。 com)
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