Children can use milk tea straws

by:Smily Mia     2020-09-21
Some mother in order to prevent their baby bottles, from eight months after the straw began to let the baby to use milk tea, a lot of people don't know so well. Milk tea actually straw is helpful for older babies, not only can promote its oral cavity muscle movement, has proved to be weaned child. Specific how to operate? 1, grown-ups do demonstration. Adult and baby one person a cup, parent's example function is poor, personally demonstration, guide the baby how to raise a glass, how to drink water, do the demonstration with empty cup first. 2, in the beginning can choose duck-billed straws of milk tea, because the shape of the duck mouth is like a pacifier, let baby feel familiar, easy to accept. 3, persuasive. To be patient until the baby has mastered the basic method of use, this time can be to put some water into the cup, if shaking baby excited or angry, water cup, unapt let cups of milk, fruit juice damaged carpet, cushion, etc. Even if the baby time to grasp the usage of bad cup, don't worry, at least can let the baby do their toys. 4, secret transfer. If the baby is bottle-feeding, can take half of the formula in the bottle, half in the sippy cups, such as baby bottles after drink, conveniently change sippy cups, note that feeding position don't change, so that the baby will not have too much of a response. Milk tea straws can help the baby through weaning period, let the child learn to independence. Milk tea still have a lot of use straws, if attention, it still has a lot of application let you find everything new and fresh ideas.
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