Choose the silicone protective gear several big essentials - Did you know

by:Smily Mia     2020-12-27
Protective cushioning products the first choice is the buffer shock absorption performance of whether can amount to mark, silicone anti-collision article also is so, in the daily necessities of life silicone collision Angle of products are mainly used for doors and Windows around the table and tableware protective function, so for the buffer and the strength will need good materials to cooperate more, at present commonly used furniture materials for protective equipment, PVC, foamed plastic, rubber and silicone products, so today to explain about the silicone anti-collision choice, you need to pay attention to several questions! Anti-collision equipment as a family, choose a silicone materials mainly due to the softness of material, the silica gel characteristic properties of family life as a protective gear material hard softness and thickness degrees of product structure is more important, for larger impact strength protective equipment selection of high hardness, thickness of the thick material comparative advantage, but instead for small buffer shock absorption dynamics products any decrease in softness and thickness of a can! In addition, most anti-collision technology choice in doors and Windows part glue or foaming silicone products as bedding, and choose the silicone material is half so protective cushion protective article for doors and Windows selected the first thing to consider is the product of the rebound and deformation, due to long-term switch Windows force is far bigger than can accommodate the tolerance tables and chairs, so for the resilience of the rubber can be specifically, long-term deformation, not on the springback strength is better, so that the silicone anti-collision manufacturer basic can pay attention to this kind of problem. Also now in automobile electronic machinery industry silicone collision alarming number of the role of the gasket, so the silicone products manufacturer for the quality of the product and functional problems can make analysis and from the above to start materials and mould and process, slightly change materials or products R Angle structure can solve the problem of the functionality of the product, so for the silicone anti-collision equipment customization in the case of functional shang da is less than required, from several aspects to consider!
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