Core and the applications of silicone products manufacturer of mould do you understand

by:Smily Mia     2020-12-02
Manufacturing, now has a line from the open mold, it is now widely quoted moulds, let manufacturers from all walks of life to a more simple, the silicone mold products industry is one of the essentials, without mould, then don't know which one will use the new mode of production to production and processing of silicone products. But small make up, a mold design is good or bad will bring a silica gel products factory what benefits and dangers. First of all, a simple two examples. , in the middle of last year's jiahao honey and silica gel products manufacturers export sea rings of hangers set of mold, according to the small make up you know yes because the benefits of mould, let our employees can exceed the production every day, every day the production of bad number less than 0. 5%, and the more pleased jiahao honey silicone products manufacturer, is the home of the billow of purchasing think our products are very accord with the requirement of them, because of the large amount of orders, had a lot of silica gel products factory row to bidding rings of sea, and the home of our products in the billow recognition, until this year we have nearly a long-term deal with large-scale sea house, every month to supply their products regularly, so the theory of the importance of a mold! two Just last month, we in the production of a cell phone sets, online customers due to the unreasonable design mould manufacturer, our products appear a lot of bad product for the company leadership is very angry, and said in a client side good delivery time to immediately, but the mold problems, return to mould factory to modify the mould again, back and forth a few suffering, customer lost confidence on us, the delivery delay for more than a week, this needless to say, can not let our customer have the confidence of the second purchase. So I summarized that in our silicone products industry, our mould supplier, have to find out an experienced engineer, not only the mould design ideal, but also make the speed of the mold to have, if you can't find a qualified mold factory, so will let our customer have great loss possibility, others who once two times may be, but three times four times who will be looking for you?
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