Custom silicone plate, silica gel plates article on how to choose to show you a comprehensive understanding of [ Three minutes before update]

by:Smily Mia     2021-01-13
With the rapid development of silicone products, silicone products have been widely into our daily life, especially in the aspect of kitchen utensils and appliances has been widely used. The silica gel plate is more common silicone kitchen utensils and appliances. So how to choose silicone plate? Dongguan jiahao honey, today small make up take you know together. Silica gel plate softness and good resistance to fall off, is the right choice of auxiliary baby independent eating. Now on the market there have been many silica gel plate can be directly adsorption on the surface of the table, the baby is not easy to be mobile and picked up, and silicone material not easy adsorption grease, clean up more easily. How to choose a, silica gel plate? 1, safety for the baby to buy silica gel plates, safety is the primary factor. Before buying, treasure treasure mom dad can check or ask the plate if there were any safety inspection certificate. Generally speaking, domestic products can see the test report of test results is in line with the GB 4806. 11 - 2016 'national food safety standards of food contact rubber materials and products, the limit, foreign products can be to see if it through the FDA certification, CPSIA certification or the European Union LFGB certification, etc. 2, the classification of the silica gel plate on the market there are all kinds of silica gel plate, common share format silica gel plate, eat mat plate one-piece silica gel plates, silica gel plate sucker, etc. ( 1) Cellular silicone plate, the plate is divided into multiple small grid, can separate side dish and convenient baby dining, baby food may be reasonable distribution proportion. But some don't have the function of adsorption at the bottom of the plate, the baby will more easily upset. Therefore, we suggest that the treasure treasure mom dad such plates when the choose and buy, try to choose at the bottom of the suction cups or plates with other adsorption function design. ( 2) Eat mat plate one-piece silicone plate, it is can prevent spilled food on the table, with eat mat under the plate, it out the baby food is not careful, not dirty table; 2 it is convenient for cleaning and washing. But some has no adsorption eat mat, baby may wind up capsize; Some of the larger area eat mat may with baby mensal desktop size does not match, appeared to place not in. Therefore, dad mom is the best treasure treasure measuring well ahead of their own babies eat chair the size of the desktop, then choose and buy. ( 3) Silicone sucker plates, that is, at the bottom of the plate with a suction cup design, can prevent the plate should be glued to the smooth the surface of the table to move or baby was overturned. But some suction is too large, there might be treasure treasure mom dad is hard to take down from the table, so suggest treasure treasure mom dad, when choosing this kind of plate can be selected with suction cups at the bottom of the lift plate design, convenient to take. In the baby learning autonomy in the process of eating choose a not easily upset, easy to clean, can let the baby have a good dinner plates is necessary! Above is silica gel plates related content, hope to be of help. If you need to custom silicone plate can contact our dongguan jiahao honey. Read more articles recommended 'silicone products manufacturer which good, 2020 silicone products manufacturers recommend [ Including guangdong dongguan] 》。
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