Custom silicone products need to pay attention to what problem for the first time

by:Smily Mia     2021-01-07
From the demand and trend of organic silicone products in recent years, rising demand, the downstream silicone manufacturer saturated market results in the fierce competition in the industry, at the same time make many amateur friends doubt and anxiety for the silicone products, can't look for quality suppliers, lead to no one-stop service from product quality, I don't know how to look for cooperate with silica gel products factory, now of the silicone industry, solve a lot of friends want to independent development and production of products, usually go to the wall of the problems, I don't know whether you also have this kind of problem? 1, only a silicone product ideas do not have professional design team? Let the progress of the products has been delay? This kind of question usually needs to find a professional silicone manufacturer, has a professional design team and risk assessment and feasible degree, looking for this kind of silicone manufacturers at the same time, need to have a production process as well as the preliminary mould design team and CNC mold room, the design of need to refer to the machine equipment and mould development at the same time corresponding to achieve satisfied effect. 2, require different process and different ways of processing to achieve product requirements: some consumers in addition to the main silicone want appearance and functionality of the silicone products all reach the expected effect, so for external process has certain requirements, such as sewing, transfer printing, plastic bags and coating, etc, this kind of product production need more powerful processing factory, familiar with all aspects of the process and machining process, or to find some suppliers also can not meet the expected goal. 3, for the first time purchase, don't have much understanding for the silicone products, lead to the quality of the product and functional didn't reach the expected effect, this phenomenon requires analysis of silica gel products industry standards and silica gel degree of production process and the precision of the mould manufacturer. 4, looking for the silicone factory facilities don't match, not a one-time finish the production of silicone products, quality and delivery is not security, at present there are many similar situation dongguan silicone products manufacturer, hydraulic molding production as the main workshop, fuel injection, silk screen and mold making and radium vulture, glue and so on craft production in the form of outward processing, not complete in the same position, lead to delivery delay, cost and scrap rate can't control, so you can find at a high price strength manufacturer or have rich experience and channels of small and medium enterprises. 5, cause most of the silica gel supplier is not willing to cooperate with small orders: is the pain points of silicone products manufacturer, small orders because of hydraulic equipment on heating electricity cost is expensive, many factories are not willing to do small orders, such as too few computer production in less than a day off the plane, the silica gel products factory are not willing to cooperate with basic, so usually do first after a batch of trial production orders, at the start of official bulk order, so this kind of situation, such as your products have the spot to find existing goods, if must open mold that need to be carried out in accordance with the minimum quantity of an order for a certain order. 6, there are many procurement friend to ask for some more special, usually bigger silicone products factory for more product comparison process is more pay attention to, and small and medium-sized silicone contract for a special kind of product is about to see whether their own professional class, a little handle products, etc. , but the advantages of small and medium-sized silicone manufacturers better responsiveness, responsive to customer demands, and handling is more unique, mainly up to the customer request or see.
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