Detail is everything - Silicone products secondary sulfur process pay attention to details

by:Smily Mia     2021-01-05
Since the silica gel products factory processing process need after secondary sulfide, baking to taste process becomes a necessary a priority, because the silicone material in recent years, more and more close to people's life, gradually replace the traditional some products, so essential to the purpose of natural green health, while some suppliers on the baking process will often meet some problems, lead to still exist after the baking quality closes nevertheless, environmental odor problem is not solved, and so on! We all know that the main purpose of the secondary sulfide products is the need to remove gum flavor of raw materials, with high temperature decrease combined dose has no effect on the skin! But for a long time after baking will appear a phenomenon, the silicone rubber taste without but in the product will be some smoke flavor, this phenomenon affects a lot of silicone rubber products factory can't normal delivery, the second is the product appear smell guide and black spots impurities and deformation phenomenon. Under normal circumstances proper control of baking time can effectively change the size of the smoke flavor, and cigarette smoke is due to the oven can't normal exhaust smoke distributed in circulation in the oven with baking finish shipment immediately after packing sealing caused as a result, so normally baking finish product shall be placed ventilated place to keep sending out more than 12 hours in the box, the other bags to keep air holes box outside air can get a good solution! On the other hand after baking appear black spots impurities and deformation phenomenon, how much black spots due to internal and pan for baking machinery clean and printed on the product surface is very difficult to deal with by high temperature for a long time, for the machine and clean up after the completion of the baking pan will get control, product deformation that is time and temperature control, and the terms of the structure of products, baking time and problems of adjustment, and local smell that is the problem of product placement, overlapping and dense display will appear the phenomenon of local smell, need reasonable neatly placed just can solve the problem. Dongguan silicone products manufacturer - Jiahao honey jas ( http://www。 smilymia。 com/)
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