Details about liquid silicone products production and processing technology

by:Smily Mia     2020-11-08
Liquid silicone products based on silica gel as the raw material processing and forming a kind of environmental protection, low carbon, green products. Main processing technology are injection molding, extrusion, mould pressing. Silicone with other soft glue irreplaceable superior performance, such as: good elasticity and waterproof moisture resistance, acid resistance, alkali and other chemical erosion, do not contain any harmful substances, and it is not easy to deformation; Silica gel products commonly used in the field of high requirements of the human body contact, such as pacifier, human organs, medical supplies, etc. , is very wide application prospect. Silica gel is oil products at the same time, do not rely on increasingly shortage of petroleum resources, so the silicone products become a substitute for the same kind of rubber and plastic products has been the trend of The Times, among them, the injection molding liquid silicone, can produce all glue production of silicone products, technological process is simple, high precision products, high yield and so on many merits, will become a new trend in the development of the next few years. A, liquid silicone advantages: the advantages of nontoxic to human body, odorless tasteless; Good transparency, can disinfect; The performance good tactility, elasticity and anti-aging properties; Good resistance to high temperature properties, thermal stability, Continuous working temperature of 180 ° C) ; Good low temperature performance, In - 50 ° C still has softness) ; Excellent electrical insulation, burns does not produce harmful substances, the application range of the liquid silicone liquid silicone, silicone products can be used for trademark, the pacifier, medical silica gel products, coating, impregnation and perfusion. Used for resin, polyurethane, epoxy resin, such as molding mold, injection molding process, cake mold and other silicone products, widely used in electronic components in electronic industry of moisture, checked and insulation coating and potting material, electronic components and assembly up dust, moisture, shock, and insulation protection. If use transparent gel potting electronic components, not only can have shock-proof waterproof protection effect, can also see components and can be detected with a probe component failure, replaced, but again potting repair damaged silicon gel. Can also be used in the manufacture of gypsum, wax, epoxy resin, polyester resin, polyurethane resin and low melting point alloy materials of products such as molding, applied to high frequency embossing, artificial leather shoes of the surface and bottom shape, arts and crafts of manufacturing industry, ceramics, toys, furniture, household appliances, electronic components industry replication and gypsum and cement material molding, wax products, model manufacturing, material molding, etc. Three, the characteristics of liquid silicone injection molding liquid silicone molding and injection mold products feature difference: liquid silicone is thermosetting materials; Rheological behavior is shown as: low viscosity, fast curing, the shear thinned, high thermal expansion coefficient; Good liquidity, the clamping force and injection pressure is not high, but the correlation plastic precision demand is higher; Exhaust design is relatively difficult, some products need to design the structure of the sealed vacuum, to mold accuracy requirement is very high, cylinder and gating system should be designed cooling structure, and mold design heating system. Four, liquid silicone mold heating design mold temperature control. Liquid silicone injection mold in the mold temperature 120 ~ 150 ℃ under the curing reaction, mold temperature control is the key: stable mold surface temperature requirements: surface temperature is exorbitant, can produce products burning, cracking of parting line, the phenomenon such as products become fragile. Surface temperature is too low, rubber curing speed, can appear the quality problem such as products to release; Die mold temperature uniform heating: heating uneven, the temperature difference is big, can make the rubber flow is not stable, easy to appear WoQi, the phenomenon such as injection of discontent; Heater placed: heater and should keep enough distance between points and lines, prevent template warpage deformation, leads to the formation of a finished product flash flash; Contrast mold temperature control of heating: heating rod heating: the heating rods with the method of perforating gun drill, heating rod with hole clearance will lead to uneven heat transfer between heating rods, easily damaged and multiple sets of heating rod share a set of heat, heat damage cannot detect, uneven mold temperature. Carefully chosen heating: the heating plate design of the heating plate at the bottom of the mold cavities, close to the cavities, independent thermal heating plate design, closed loop design, ensure the temperature controlled, and the heating plate temperature uniformity. Recommended five, liquid silicone mold casting design runner gating system design. Cold runner is one of the important processing characteristics of liquid silicone molding cold pumping mouth internal need to design cooling systems: cold runner molding and hot runner system, there is a big difference between cold internal need to design water pumping mouth, and should be set between the cavity with the cold runner and effective insulation isolation temperature.
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