Details about silicone rubber - Silicone molding process of the production process

by:Smily Mia     2020-12-31
In solid silicon rubber products molding process, a lot of people don't know how raw materials are then after high temperature molding to achieve the effect of curing, raw materials, temperature and mixing is it essential to several process, and there's also a auxiliary agent is one of the main and auxiliary materials, vulcanization crosslinking agent, if it is will have a high temperature curing of raw materials into the mould and the product is short of curing effect, so the role of vulcanizing agent knowledge you know? Vulcanizing agent can be used for different analysing, the vulcanization of rubber and silicone sulfide is the same, its main function is used to add the curing agent of raw materials and raw materials completely mixed evenly mixed with raw materials completely curing effect, after curing under high temperature and with strong pressure of the machine, the high temperature curing heated into high density organic silicon products compatibility, this kind of technology first used natural rubber material, the current rise in the silicone products manufacturing industry. In the end of 80, the oil pressure of solid raw materials forming, this kind of raw materials began to rise, it mainly has the original natural rubber crosslinking curing molding, with the continuous development of the rubber material upgrade, the current has been applied to a variety of rubber material, the silica gel products in the same industry, such as not adding curing agent, the products under the condition of high temperature can't forming, the material will become not cooked completely hot die forming of rubber. Its advantages and disadvantages of many, the color of the vulcanizing agent is transparent, it can still reach environmental protection level of security, and the main defects in the silica gel combination is part of the enterprise manufacturing curing agent appear smell or cause yellowing phenomenon in a silica gel products, the stability of the catalytic effect is the key to it, a lot of silicone factory due to curing agent product appear all sorts of undesirable situation also exists, so the stability of the curing agent is very important. The curing agent also has low platinum vulcanizing agent, platinum vulcanizing agent is a kind of two-component molding vulcanizing agent, has low curing temperature, curing speed and so on characteristics, compared with the traditional peroxide vulcanization system has the advantages of environmental protection and efficient tasteless. Using platinum plus sulfur, cannot use silica gel containing hydrogen silicone oil, otherwise easy to death while mixing rubber and molding are prone to bubbles.
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