Disable a plastic straw Sydney restaurants stainless steel environmental protection straw

by:Smily Mia     2020-08-30
The manager of the restaurant in Sydney, Hemingway 's Su Bo launched recycled stainless steel straws, not to replace environmentally friendly plastic straws. As an environmentalist, Hemingway 's Sydney restaurant manager Su Bo recently made a major decision, with recycled stainless steel straws, environmental protection to replace plastic straw not environmental protection. Hemingway's restaurant, according to the Australian net have banned customers to use plastic straws. Restaurant manager Su Bo, said his restaurant now owns 100 stainless steel straws, allow customers to enjoy juice or cocktail. 'Bought all these stainless steel environmental protection straw from the network, they are very good, a bit does not affect the taste of wine. 'He said,' although more expensive than plastic straw many environmental protection stainless steel straw, but they can be recycled. 'He also joked that' there is no found a customer wants to steal the straws. 'It is understood that Su Bo is a physically environmentalists, every time go to the beach with his girlfriend, they will pick up when I come home on at least three bags of garbage. He said, 'if everyone can do this, the beach will be more clean. ”
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