Disinfection - silica gel plates Silica gel plates disinfection method

by:Smily Mia     2021-01-13
Disinfection - silica gel plates Silica gel plates disinfection method of silica gel products factory, is a single factory take mainly foreign trade company. Export all kinds of silicone cup sets, bottle sets, eat dish water pocket everyday, baby products, etc. Two months ago, silica gel products factory heaven silica gel, science is to export a batch of silicone meal basin, the total number of more than 20000, surface color printing design. After the shipment freight, warehousing directly to guangzhou port. Customer is specialized in infant products trade, mainly exported to the eu countries, main office in Shanghai, shenzhen branch. Silica gel plate how how disinfection disinfection silica gel plates: the journal of the American academy of pediatrics parenting encyclopedia book, most of baby eight months or so can learn to eat. Baby learning autonomy in the process of eating may appear to the treasure treasure mom dad are very headache, such as baby might accidentally bowl, throwing, make a mess, it is difficult to pick up. Dimensional, choose a not easily upset, easy to clean, can let the baby a good dinner plate is necessary! Silica gel plate softness and good resistance to fall off, is the right choice of auxiliary baby independent eating. Now on the market there have been many silica gel plate can be directly adsorption on the surface of the table, the baby is not easy to be mobile and picked up, and silicone material not easy adsorption grease, treasure treasure mom dad cleaning up easier. Silica gel plates disinfection method: today will tell you something about one of the stakes. Most of the plastic wrap on the market in our country are recorded in the poly ethylene, is it safe to children's silica gel plate, which is made of PVC, and the material but with cooked oil, will produce harmful substances. Japan, Europe and the United States, South Korea, children use silica gel plate, as early as several years ago have banned this kind of PVC cling film. But China wide to bo be introduced this technology, have been widely used. For the sake of our health and food safety, starts from me, silica gel plate in children is practical, stop using such security hidden danger to our body health. Of course there is also a good news to tell you that it is silicone bags, natural edible materials, non-toxic tasteless, green environmental protection, heating can be refrigerated, resistant to temperature of 230 degrees, - 20 degrees. Silica gel plates disinfection should do: from the original a silicone bowl to silica gel plate to points, silica gel plates in one-piece silicone plate by now, it is enough to illustrate the usage is very correct, the same will very thanks to these design and silicone products manufacturer, is they use wisdom to design good so the tableware of a very practical! Why children silicone one-piece silicone plate plate? This bottom should be fully understood. To give children buy a try! Choose our children's tableware, in my opinion, the following requirements: for babies, easy to take food, lovely, fun, let the baby happy. For baby's mother, security, non-skid, resistance to fall off, easy to clean, save time in the mother's housework, let mother worry. Contrast the tableware of mainstream material found on the market, silica gel tableware is arguably became our goal, to understand the characteristics of the silicone, finally understand why it so popular in Europe and America countries. Above is about silica gel plates how disinfection related content, please telephone contact us: if you need custom silicone products - 400 0769 - 878, or directly landing jiahao honey jas website for details: WWW. weishungj。 com
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