Disposable paper cup really toxic?

by:Smily Mia     2020-10-09
Disposable paper cup really toxic? First, we speak of from the material of paper cups, currently widely used disposable paper cup is 'paper plastic cup', this paper its outside is a layer of plain paper, there is a layer of film paper, membrane materials for polyethylene. As long as it is in accord with a standard in the polyethylene material to make a one-time cup film is safe, only when the temperature over 200 ℃, the polyethylene occurs decomposition reactions produce harmful substances, and we all drink usually does not exceed 100 ℃, won't cause the decomposition of the polyethylene, so use the standard materials of disposable cups costumes hot water will not cause safety problem. Many people think that some manufacturers to make paper cup looks beautiful, may use the bleach even phosphors additives, such as the material will do harm to our health and even cause cancer. Actually, this kind of understanding is not comprehensive, to achieve the carcinogenic effect must meet two conditions: one is the fluorescent agent usage exceeds bid, the second is the long-term use of the fluorescent agent excessive amounts of paper cups, only at the same time satisfy the two conditions have the possibility of cancer. At present, the general administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine issued rules, did not get the QS safety sign paper cups are banned the sale and use. That is to say, if paper cups to QS logo shows that the indicators of production materials are qualified, don't worry about the fluorescent agent to exceed bid. What should be paid attention to when buying a disposable paper cups? 1, when the choose and buy paper cup, one can take the cup under the fluorescent lamp, if the cup in the light is blue, the add many fluorescent agent, prove their consumers to buy carefully. 2, view the presence of QS safety sign, generally have QS logo is the security products. 3, if still don't trust also might as well use own sensory evaluation to determine the quality of the paper cups. 4, don't choose color white paper cups. 5, smell, if there is peculiar smell try not to choose and buy.
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