Don't touch the bottom through a straw to prevent friendly fire

by:Smily Mia     2020-09-16
How far a little suction power, incredibly also can give a person serious harm? According to the reporter, on the bus, when a female citizens to drink yogurt, bus brakes, straw prick her upper jaw, oral bleeding on the spot. There are media reports, zhejiang cangnan county creek town, Mr Lin's daughter fell, his face was in the hands of a straw, and had two or three stitches in the hospital. Thin, light straw how can have such power? Reporter found that straw can easily will debunk potato, apple and other hard objects. ( The experimental materials] Reporter for two kinds of straw: one kind is to drink yoghurt with straws, thin and hard; Drink milk tea is a kind of thick straw, about 1 cm in diameter. The reporter also prepared fresh potatoes, apples. ( Experiment 1] Hold a straw, only under the potatoes in the first place, holding milk tea straws in the middle of the journalist, slightly hard stamp to potatoes. Because the straw edge is sharp, although the strength is smaller, but there are still a little into the potato. Journalists to make some stamps, found between the palm of your hand and straw easy to slide, use again big, also can't poke through potatoes. Then, in the same way, the reporter with straw poking potatoes, yogurt can poke into the potatoes but not puncture. ( Experiment 2] Plug suction side, can expose potatoes then, the reporter one end of the straw with their thumb against milk tea, instant force stamp to potatoes. Magic happens, hard potatoes, straw easily exploded. Reporters took the yogurt straws, poke potatoes in the same way, can the potatoes puncture. ( The experimental results] Hold a straw, part two straws can poke into the potatoes, but can't poke through; Plug one end of the straw with his fingers, instantaneous power can easily puncture the potatoes. ( Experimental analysis] Direct force, puncture the potatoes a little straw + friction has so powerful, what is this principle? Jinan university teaching physics professor, told reporters that forces acting in different parts and different directions of the object, can be to each other and finally turned. Hold a straw middle place for puncture, the movement of the straw is driven by the friction of the fingers and straw, and the friction is decided by finger pressure on a straw. If with the thumb on suction side, at this time of puncture not only has the friction holding, and direct force of thumb of straw, had direct force is much bigger than the frictional force, and this also prevent slide hand grip, so can puncture the potatoes. If the usual drink yogurt, straws, also can try to use this method. Remind drink, straw try not to touch the bottom of the cup in the life, a drink, if the straws to touch the bottom, the equivalent of experiment sucker thumb withstand at one end. Into the mouth of the straws, like stab to the other end of the potato. Citizens when walking or driving, drink through a straw, if there is a fall, brakes and other emergency, straws do have may cause harm to people. Many children like to play, to talk while smoking a straw once the fall in the chase, straw is very easy to hurt or face, throat and even into the esophagus. When kids use a straw to drink drink, well be sure to take care of parents.
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