Don't walk unusual way - The accessories of silicone rubber

by:Smily Mia     2020-12-15
Many people now know, the design of the car is convenient and comfortable aspects are in perfect order. Let's sit up very comfortable, especially on the city roads, not and original car, turbulence. Can be in on the other side of the city there is a car professional turbulence bump in the road, the car really good? Actually for many engineers research out of the car now, many have nearly close to perfect, so the car can acquire no matter where, in a foreign country a lot of people who like to play with off-road for mountain climbing is very common, a tilt in 70 - degree slope even 80 - degree slope they can leap, in the whole is uneven stone above them after a bumpy road also can pass, but the performance of the car is what make them to this cow? Like this for automotive engine power and the damping effect is made up of a lot to do, for engine we all know that the greater the tension, the better the performance, not on automobile shock absorption parts understand it well. Automobile suspension products for car is a very useful auxiliary tool, if the lack of a part on auto parts so there may be a lot of trouble, such as car why so flat now? Because all decided to go to the spring of this car cushion accessories, as many in the production of auto parts manufacturers, many go green parts from rubber products replace silica gel products factory, meet the demand of automobile environmental protection function, so there is a lot of auto parts are from rubber products replace silica gel products, in order to reduce automobile pollution to the environment, many manufacturers use special silicone rubber sealing to seal tube, fittings shock absorber, etc. , but for rubber parts is quite widely used in the car, two intersecting combined into excellent car performance. Why use silicone products and rubber products as main auto parts, a lot of friends all don't know, in the automotive parts above we greatly small silicone rubber has reached around 200 to 300, so on suvs if mountain climbing or come for cushioning properties of seal products and so on have to choose a good material, silicone auto parts mainly take into the buffer effect is good, environmental protection, high temperature resistance, good dispersing performance and high matching accuracy, stable performance, easy to use, no pollution, easy to store and so on performance. ( http://www。 smilymia。 com/Article/jiankangcaiyouweilai_1。 html) Reprint please indicate the source!
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