Dongguan factory announced for your silicone spoon production process _ silicone spoon customization

by:Smily Mia     2020-12-15
In the rapid development of modern 21st century, people's living standards improve, silica gel products gradually into the life, all kinds of kitchen utensils and appliances, as well as the change of the articles for daily use to a lot of consumer have a selection of sex, this let the silicone spoon this product have a lot of controversy, recently a lot of friends feel the silicone spoon should be soft, material of transparent and clear, so for the silicone spoon this children appliance which have what difficulty and the place where you don't understand? Many friends complain, think of purchasing silicone spoon is not transparent, do you know where these reasons? 1, silicone spoons of different raw materials, do not belong to the high transparent food-grade silicone raw materials, this kind of phenomenon is often appear in some do want to save the cost of silica gel supplier, with food-grade silicone with generally translucent ordinary silica gel mixing, so you can see one of the reasons for the product may not be transparent enough right here. 2, except from silicone raw materials with insufficient transparency is the cause of die face smooth and clear, so the plating process will be mist side made reflective mold, mold surface will be more clean, it is also one of the main reasons for solve the silicone spoon is not enough light! And there are a lot of friends say, why I spent so much money to buy a perfume smell of the silicone spoon! Among these was something! If the silicone spoon is according to the FDA, ROHS certification provisions to produce general won't produce smell phenomenon, unless the two phenomena. 1, first of all, or silicone raw materials issue! Raw material of silicone polymer after high temperature molding smell will send out gradually, and will send out gradually, after sealing packing smell will gradually release! 2, the reason of vulcanizing agent and baking, ordinary vulcanizing and platinum vulcanizing agent still has certain difference, so the perkin vulcanizing agent after mixing can strongly reduce the smell of the silica gel products, strict and silicone spoon, must have the basis of any environmental health, so the baking process is inevitable, so high temperature baking in wasn't up to 3 - More than 4 hours, it is estimated that there will be a certain smell! Consumers in selecting the above is available at the moment the main or want is superior, the health, trust of a silicone commodities, and uncovered the old bottom silicone spoon can affect us consumers have doubt or both. So it is sometimes quality often depends on consumers doubt! Dongguan silicone spoon manufacturers - Jiahao honey jas ( www。 smilymia。 com)
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