Dongguan jiahao honey and manufacturing plastic straws

by:Smily Mia     2020-10-01
Dongguan jiahao honey and plastic straws conscience enterprise manufacturing by heart. In today's food safety is increasingly valued, the quality and safety of plastic straw be focus on consumers and food enterprises. As a traditional low value-added manufacturing industry, a lot of plastic straw corporate profits in terms of cent, li. Although the traditional manufacturing thin margins, difficult transition, but doing fine, is the necessary approach of response to market. Drink milk when you broke off plastic straw into the box, may not take a look at the hands of small plastic straws. But when drinks, milk prices when purchasing these plastic straw, inspector will choose a few root, take a magnifying glass up and down carefully check the presence of foreign bodies. As a direct entry materials, plastic straws of evaporation residue and heavy metal dissolution indicators unqualified consumers health can lead to damage.
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