Dongguan jiahao honey and plastic straw production and processing enterprises

by:Smily Mia     2020-09-30
Dongguan jiahao honey and plastic products co. , LTD. Is a design, production and processing of plastic packaging machinery enterprises, the company has many years engaged in drinking straw, soybean milk straws, milk tea straws, good telescopic straws, crab stick film, PE valve bag, basket, candy bars and other mechanical design, production and elite straw processing, perfect quality assurance system. Our company long-term supply of plastic straws, soya-bean milk straws, telescopic straw, drinking straw, straw dairy products, milk tea straws. The company has a good after-sales service and production straw of the whole process technology and quality control in the whole process of training experience. Through the tireless efforts of technical personnel, the company in the plastic products of science and technology direction of the industry has made great achievements, its research and development of automatic small tube packing machine to fill the domestic blank. The company take honestly as this, in the spirit of innovation to forge ahead, continue to strengthen technology research and development ability, improve product quality and performance, by the good service obtained the customer consistent high praise. Company general manager ding started double together with all staff warmly welcome new and old customers to visit, work together to create a better future!
We are a performance driven culture that uses plastic straw replacement to ensure continuous improvement.
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The group's Quality Systems Manager (QSM) is responsible for ensuring that Dongguan Jiahao Miya Import and Export Trade Co., Ltd. has in place systems that guarantee quality throughout the Group.
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