Dongguan products custom silicone buttons which is good

by:Smily Mia     2020-12-14
Dongguan silicone key products mentioned above alpine theory is the life test 500000 times, ENJOY innovation adopted Texas instruments capacitive buttons. Capacitive buttons on the left side of the main consideration A surface cleanliness, concise seamless products style, capacitive page button on the right side of the independent main consideration flip operation buttons, the life of A capacitive touch sensor button, as the name implies, is implemented by using the principle of capacitor charge and discharge, theoretically nearly infinite life. And after several generations of technology improvement, capacitive buttons on the accuracy of operation increase obviously, gently touch, can complete the operation. Has its drawbacks as well as, of course, just can't handle, Enjoy in order to make up for the shortcomings, increased a button in the upper left corner lamp, to indicate that the operation is completed, to prevent wrong operation. Dongguan custom silicone key products dongguan silica gel products: the key people in life are familiar, developed from last century slowly appeared in all kinds of science and technology key, to the mobile phone keys, a few years ago after how much change, with the development of the society change, now out of home appliances, industrial remote control button, the production of silicone buttons becomes less, now many of the products are electronic touch screen to operate manually, so in the future this kind of silica gel products on the market will gradually be eliminated. Dongguan silicone buttons products manufacturer: promoting energy conservation and environmental protection way of life in modern society, riding a bike is a kind of low carbon environmental protection and can make us relax way to travel. There are a lot of bicycle, now everyone know by clock can check our car to the current speed, distance, time, etc. , but do you have carefully observed the silicone button on the clock, you know why his bicycle clock button to use the silicone material? Products factory dongguan silicone buttons telephone: jiangsu has a lot to do large machinery manufacturers, the customer find our claim to customize a manual test equipment equipment silicone key, the key is not only the size is larger, the process is more complex, not only that, there is a 'disease' - heavy machinery A order quantity is little, only a few dozen, in the presence of the customer is our business professional manager put forward a series of solutions to customers, such as reduce the number of cavity, so as to reduce the upfront costs for customers, and so on a series of solutions. Although the program has not yet reached a cooperation with us, but customers have clearly expressed the cooperation intention with us. Second, what is a laser carving silicone buttons: radium vulture keys actually is to use a laser carving craft processing production of key products, it belongs to one kind of product classification of silicone buttons, mainly adopts the principle of laser surface treatment the keys of a process, the laser carving technology is used to make key products, commonly used in mobile phones, electronic dictionaries, remote control, the keys on the keyboard light products, use laser carving technology of key will make products more beautiful and natural. With the increasingly perfect, the production of silicone key technology of silicone buttons is becoming more and more good quality, in the daily production, sometimes encounter some problems, such as the production of silicone buttons and expectations have error, so what is the cause of the error? 1. Above the temperature of the mould to increase the temperature of molding, this is very important, if you want to know the molding temperature is higher, so the silicone raw materials it is because of the temperature is good according to the forming die forming, the liquidity is also close to the grinding have activities of raw material, raw material is also relatively illiquid, forming the size of the product also won't have error relations and expected! 2. We will give the silicone raw materials when forming a reaction, through a modest force, silicone raw material can be compressed into a fixed size, so in terms of the molding pressure, to grasp a reasonable degree, such as stress, thickness thinning, relative size has also become bigger, or conversely. 3. Sometimes may be the design of the mould itself, the design is not precise and qualified, so no matter how to adjust the size in production will find a little error, because it is important to note in the mould cavity mould of rigorous, have to there is no error and the size of the products, in general, the mold itself problems in production industry is still less silicone buttons, but we cannot rule out the reason. Above is about dongguan silicone buttons products related content, please telephone contact us: if you need custom silicone products - 400 0769 - 878, or directly landing jiahao honey jas website for details: WWW. weishungj。 com
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