Dongguan silicone products factory belt you know this. i city the new mayor

by:Smily Mia     2020-12-15
On the morning of the 13th in May, the 15th National People's Congress representative conference plenary meeting, dongguan city, according to the silica gel products factory dongguan small make up newly elected to new mayor, at the meeting, after meeting a leadership election, he was elected mayor of dongguan city people government zhizhou after city leaders agree, election finish by zones of xu, first secretary of the party committee awarded certificates, dongguan city, the scene immediately applause warmly, zhizhou the mayor said at the meeting, 'he said, the assembly election my tenure as mayor of dongguan city people's government of the new term, this is all on behalf of the people's trust in me and the whole city and the great trust. I will unite lead administration, unswervingly implement the decision to deploy and municipal party committee, a foothold and starting point for public interests, keep in mind the duties, fulfill their duties, hard work,, will live up to what our organization's trust and the great trust of the people, in the city to the social sustainable and healthy development of dongguan economy, accelerate the high level rise to make due contributions! '2016. 03 - 2016. 04 vice secretary of municipal party committee, the mayor of dongguan 2016 candidates. 04 - 2016. 05 dongguan municipal party committee, deputy secretary, vice mayor and acting mayor of Shanghai municipal government, 2016. 05 - Now the dongguan municipal party committee, deputy secretary, mayor of the municipal people's government in accordance with the relevant information to understand the dongguan new mayor be foshan district party committee head, the arrangement of the party work in foshan high more than 30 years, from the progress of decades in foshan city foreign affairs office of overseas Chinese staff go to foshan shunde district party committee secretary to foshan nanhai district party committee secretary. The incumbent mayor of dongguan city. Dongguan silicone products co. , LTD. , dongguan silicone products manufacturer - Dongguan jiahao honey jas ( http://www。 smilymia。 com/Article/guijiaozhipinshizenm_1。 html)
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