Dredge drains small straw big use

by:Smily Mia     2020-08-30
'The water is not smooth, quick and traverse to the child to breath! 'This situation must have a lot of citizens are met, if the home sewer water slowly, mostly is or what thread is blocked by the hair. Thrum and hair entwined, hindered the normal circulation drain the pool that wash a face. Reporters from the Internet search Reuters did a statistics: long hair is the most important factors lead to blockages in the bathroom! Long hair is called 'the toilet pipes killer'! So how to solve these nasty stuff? From WeChat circle of friends to see a coup, reporter has to do the experiment, effect is good, recommend to the general public. 1. First of all, we have to prepare a plastic straw and a pair of scissors. ( Ordinary drinking straws can) 2. According to the picture on the right will be staggered around straw cut, cut in the process of discretion should be paid more attention to, don't cut the straws, then cut into sharp suction head. 3. In birdbath first put good water, then put the straw into the drains, gently turn straw, waiting for the water flow out, at this time come up with a straw can see hidden clutter are adsorbed onto the straw in the pipe. 4. If more clutter can try a few times more.
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