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by:Smily Mia     2020-12-22
If a man purchase of respiratory protective equipment, suggest to buy certified dust mask. May request the seller to provide inspection report and related qualifications. Under the condition of daily work, if there is a lot of dust in working environment, suggest to do a good job of respiratory protection. Selection of scientific dust mask, protective effect is good, breathe easier, use economic masks. To help prevent lung damage. Clean dust method: masks must be accord with gb2626 - now 2006 standard. Dust mask is divided into kn100, kn95 and Kn90. Ultrafine dust kn100 in case of the protective effect of close to 100% ( 99. More than 97%) 。 If the size is larger, can choose kn95 level. Dust cover protection depends on two aspects. One is cotton filtration efficiency. The second is the combination of the mask and face. Therefore, the size of the mask must be divided into different. Different size of the mask on the face of joint effects vary from person to person. Clean dust method: choose accord with gb2626 - science 2006 standard dust mask, help prevent lung injury. 1. Choose the type of compound half mask. Disposable masks high air leakage rate, not suitable for long-term or occupational protection. Level 2, choose kn100 dust filter cotton. Low recoveries can lead to personal injury. 3, select the silicone material is more comfortable. Suitable for long time wearing, not easy to cause allergic reactions. Hard mask cause facial depression. 4, mask size, it is very important. Don't buy the so-called universal mask. It is easy to leak. 5, a mask to cover nose and mouth, cover nose and mouth, and chin. Suggest that choose the latter, which is comfortable. 6, it is recommended that the choice of smooth breathing mask. Some masks are designed with double filter cotton. At the same time, the filter cotton has two sides, make a ventilator. The above is about medical silica gel mask: how to fix the silica gel mask? The article content, if you have a need to buy silicone products, can contact us directly. Very glad to service for you!
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