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by:Smily Mia     2021-09-15
Elastic manufacturers - Dongguan elastic customization production factory telephone is how to produce a rubber band, rubber band? What are the regulation; Now on the market can see many colors and shape more complex rubber bands are made after high temperature silicone rubber vulcanization molding directly down the edge. 1. Make a core shaft, a layer of metal core outsourcing hardness in 70 ~ 80 degrees of silicone or rubber production; 2. Will need to cut the tube into the spindle; 3. The spindle and the tool into machine tool, and start the machine tool spindle high-speed 4. Spindle high-speed rotating nowadays knife cutting; Tool for circular, shaped like grinding wheel piece, according to the requirements of the product decided to a row of knife ( The number of an operation can be cut out) 。 5. Remove waste, both ends will take off, in the middle of the rubber band cut is complete. Elastic manufacturers elastic manufacturer which good: silica gel with cobalt chloride solution after soaking and drying and activation, available color silica gel and processed into silicone rubber bands. Use it as a desiccant, before the water is blue, the water absorption after getting red, can be seen from the change of the color degree of water absorption, and whether to need to deal with the regeneration. Silicone is widely used in steam recycling, oil refining and the preparation of catalyst, etc. Elastic manufacturers recommend: remember when I was a child I impression of rubber is a single color yellow, that is only used to fix the articles for daily use, few people used as decoration, but after silicone rubber accessories in the silicone rubber band edge following the industry become a popular fashion accessories. All know that the main function of it is because the product has good rebound strength, the tensile strength and softness. So the rubber band is divided into different levels and material, is by far the most common rubber production, and rubber hair no standardized international standards in our country, and items used in any industry, including on articles for daily use and even food also have pure in rubber band, so the rubber band and other substances in the consumers' eyes and can't get accurate distinguish cause harm to human health. Elastic manufacturers call: ordinary silica gel used in product performance is not outstanding, used for ordinary silicone accessories products, daily necessities basic meteorology act can choose the tension high demand products made of silicone, main advantages, pull litre degree of ascension, products feel is different, the product density is higher compared with the same hardness of materials will be a little bit more weight! Second vulcanizing agent can choose yellow platinum resistance vulcanizing agent to ensure that the product color and odor, overall raw materials and production process is the most effective way to ensure that the silicone product life!
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