Empirical specification, why did you choose the silicone products instead of plastic

by:Smily Mia     2020-12-11
A news reported according to the national environmental protection bureau recently triggered heated debate, the plastic products in each part of the world on the ecological pollution has reached unimaginable levels, according to the statistics that forecasts a year there will be 12 million tons of plastic material flows into the river to the sea irreparable consequences to the environment, but the most serious or sea creatures suffer the worst! Today, rubber and plastic industry as well as inseparable from our life, go out with aspects of bagged a few small articles and so on are used, so for rubber and plastic products to many countries now began to disable the plastic material, choose to use environmental protection silicone products, is one of the causes of the difference between the silicone material and plastic material is aging after oxidation of chemical reaction, and most plastic aging occurs after heated toxic substances, if not timely processing, has great impact to the environment! And adrift in a sea of plastic material is more than you, want to use each year in nearly a decade during the global average of 300 million tons of plastic material, have been far more than ten years between the dosage of the 20th century, and the phenomenon of throwing to animals and extinguishing the impact of the ocean! Along with the increase in population in our country more and more various kinds of rubber products, our country is rubber and plastic manufacturing big country, annual production reaches 1 with rubber and plastic raw materials. 200 million tons accounted for more than 35% of the world, so also is the main cause of the environmental impact acceleration, due to the slow degradation of plastic, basic is no problem, in addition to human factors, as the growth of the time slowly began to fade. The five main tropical area is seriously polluted, in a region stretching from north of too ordinary to British beach area and even the Arctic Circle, the rubbish is usually focused on the earth's major ocean circulation, the circulation is a huge system of spin currents drifted! In rubber industry, non-toxic materials besides silicone material more than with other material has a certain influence, such as plastic commonly used PP material, as household kitchen with the meal is more, in recent years, many areas are gradually used to replace the silicone kitchen utensils and appliances, and now the silicone products manufacturer gradually increase to the requirement of material, most USES the food grade gas phase rubber processing make the material of silicone rubber gradually universal! ( http://www。 smilymia。 com/)
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