- except for silicone rubber products White carbon black can also be applied to which parts of the world

by:Smily Mia     2020-12-21
According to the downstream industry development of white carbon black material, its demand and function also more and more widely, let us in the familiar or into the category of silicone rubber products, the white carbon black in rubber and plastic products industry the huge demand, demand of white carbon black in China in the next ten years is expected to average annual growth of about 20%, the main demand growth from the rubber products, silicone products, coating materials, new energy industry, construction industry, etc. , and white carbon black is mainly used in China and the development direction lies in the following industry direction! 1, high temperature silicon rubber with high dispersion of silicone rubber of precipitated silica in national defense, electronic appliances, medical, industrial and agricultural fields and is widely used in people's everyday life, maintain the good momentum of development in recent years. As reinforcing agent of silicone rubber products, high dispersing dosage of precipitated silica is 15 ~ 20. Silicone rubber special high dispersion white carbon black on behalf of the products are made in Japan brand of the LP products, the French rhone Planck product brand for 132, PPG Taiwan product brand for 927 and 928, etc. Although have factory production of similar products at home, but quality and there are certain gaps when compared with foreign products. 2, green tire with high dispersion of green tire of precipitated silica tires, also known as environmental protection and low pollution refers to the tire formula with high dispersion instead of precipitated silica, carbon black rolling resistance of tyre was reduced, thereby reducing fuel consumption, achieve reduce automobile emissions of environmental effect. Since the 1990 s, Michelin use rhodia company's high dispersion white carbon black Zeosil1165MP high-performance green tires, green tire with its comfortable safety, environmental protection and energy saving features gradually accepted by the public. In recent years, the use of high dispersion white carbon black green tire production maintained a 10% ~ 20% annual growth rate, and more original tires start adding silica specified in the index. As the European passenger car tire wet tractional and rolling resistance of the demand is high, the rapid development of green tire in the European market, and the European Union has stipulated original new car tires must adopt green tire, so Europe is highly dispersed using the highest percentage of area of precipitated silica. 3, high-grade coating with special high dispersion of precipitated silica in the coating of precipitated silica as matting agent, the principle is to make the coating surface is rough, uneven surface rough and weak will cause light scattering, thus reducing gloss, extinction. Along with the development of new technology, waxes for white carbon black surface treatment, can improve its dispersibility, overcome its coagulation precipitation generating ills, retain its extinction characteristics of high efficiency, but also to endow them with paint feel is good, scratch resistance, etc. At present, the highly dispersed with wax processing is one of the best in coating industry of precipitated silica matting agent. Matting agent for high dispersion white carbon black on behalf of the product has the GRACE company's brand for ED30, ED50, C906, C907, C810, W300, W500, W900 series products; The French rhone Planck product brand for T34M; Germany degussa brand is ok412, ok500, R970, TS100 series products; Japan's mount slot of corporation brand for K500 products, etc. 4, abrasive type toothpaste with special precipitation of precipitated silica white carbon black is the toothpaste with one of the main varieties of abrasive. Large specific surface area of precipitated silica, strong adsorption capacity and adsorption material, more uniform particles, is beneficial to improve the product transparency, and stable properties, nonpoisonous and harmless, therefore is a kind of good raw material for toothpaste. Used in toothpaste of precipitated silica time is not long, but has shown a variety of functions, first of all, can be used as corrosion inhibitor, thickener, also as a thixotropic agent and abrasive, a growing number of toothpaste factory has chosen high dispersion of precipitated silica. This product is used in toothpaste has 2 requirements; It is purity to achieve pharmaceutical grade, 2 it is to reach a certain size and grinding. Its representative products are transparent toothpaste and Huber company PPG companies in the United States dedicated white carbon black product, the French rhone Planck transparent toothpaste company dedicated white carbon black products. 5, battery separator with special according to the report of precipitated silica, European amor silver company production of high quality for high-performance lead-acid battery microcellular PVC/silica partition, the partition type especially suitable for gel battery and all kinds of power, long life, high energy battery applications.
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