Few validation techniques of choose and buy silicone accessories, silicone products!

by:Smily Mia     2020-12-26
Has now become the social mainstream, silica gel products on the market all kinds of all kinds of silicone accessories to make a person dazzling, but with different market prices in recent years and the trend of competition for the silicone products in actually appear the phenomenon of good and evil people mixed up, strong brands and ground paving goods product price and sales surprising gap, let consumers buy disadvantage silicone accessories helpless, so what's the difference with silicon act the role ofing is tasted good or bad? The problem lies mainly in the service life of the disadvantage of silicone rubber products can not meet the requirements, the product appears yellow smelled, aging soft fracture phenomenon for common phenomenon, and this in a variety of phenomenon is the result of silicone accessories manufacturers adopt raw materials adding fillers, such as physical and chemical blending, white carbon black quality and composition of components is too low, to reduce the cost of raw materials, in the process of actual use have unusual bad! Most products usually pay attention to is to ask, smell, look, cut, destroyed several ways, such as silicone products with so many products have a common acquaintance, below together to understand understand! Ask general when ordering will put forward some technical problems, on the quality parameters can reach a certain tensile strength of springback and keep for a long time, the aging rate and service life, silicone dare not say have a full life, but the service life can reach three hundred and fifty or have a standard, followed by the product certification testing standard and so on! Smell smell is the disadvantages of silica gel material, but the general silicone products factory will product after secondary add sulfur to taste it's nothing serious, so serious pungent smell of glue phenomenon, it shows that products use vulcanizing agent on there is a problem, factory will not product for baking to taste. See black spots impurities on the basis of product quality standard, basically see the size of the accessories and judge the size of the black spots impurities, second is the product of the parting line flash thought the quality of the product quality, the size of the flash thickness prove mould precision workmanship, products have insourcing wind and beat phenomenon and so on! Is almost the same of the above methods are then suggested that cut the product inside to find out the smell of the products, black spots, the wind, and the product line, and so on questions, to cut off the product also can determine product structure and hard softness effect and color of the dark mark uniformity and so on! In unable to identify whether the product belongs to the silicone material, it can only be burned products to determine whether to belong to silicone material, general silicone products under normal circumstances at the time of combustion will take white smoke, dust will be after pure white powder, no pungent smell and smoke, and other PVC, TPU, TPR, and so on similar silicone materials materials will burn at a pungent smell, smoke and dust will have black color phenomenon! So must distinguish the quality of skills, such as the quality of the product and process before and after the reaction is in accordance with the normal phenomenon, etc. More important, and the emergence of some silicone downstream processing factory is know the raw material have difference but still insist to use, anyway it is good to use effect can be achieved, so still have to remind you that you do not covet nicknamed light must go normal channels or lose more!
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