Fold the rose flowers with waste straw tutorial

by:Smily Mia     2020-09-16
Everyone noticed, whether in the restaurant or milk tea shop, drink to drink are equipped with all sorts of color of the straw, in enjoy a drink at the same time, we can also be used to collect the colorful straws, used for DIY manual, here share with you do roses way: through a straw waste material preparation: straw, bamboo sticks or wire 1, ready to two different diameter of waste straw, a more transparent diameter smaller, one is the diameter of the solid color a little bit big straw. Insert the small straw into the big straw (inside Because the two root canal on a thicker more have administrative levels feeling) ; 2, a short cut casually point out do flower stalk and then after two folded put long in this position, let the root and root above 15 degrees tilt Angle; After 3, above the fold down and steps are folded down; 4, this time after turn again turned to fold again, don't forget to turn oh, affect shape; 5, after more than a few times slowly to form shape, grasp the flower stalk to grasp well; 6, suggest you turn straw after 5 or 6 times is the direction that the flowers down towards his doing so will not be easy too loose or too tight; 7, it will look more conveniently, is above the root constantly constantly fold down; 8, which to see it. Remember the knot to adjust the pattern before, like this knot, then gently pull up; 9, do a little more than I basically can make it like this. The extra length of straw according to oneself be fond of, can cut can not cut. Under the flower stalk and root length yourself bamboo or iron wire 勊 inserted into the floral organ.
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