Google engineers make a straw enjoy three flavors

by:Smily Mia     2020-10-03
McDonald's dessert and drinks must have a lot of people have tried, especially milk shake, it tastes also has distinguishing feature very much. Like this is called Shamrock clover Shake Shake, is the love of many europeans and americans, is said to have joined the consumption of raw materials such as clover and mint, so not only the color is pure and fresh, taste is frank a lot of, is very popular with everyone. However, in the process of enjoy milkshakes, almost everyone will encounter this kind of situation, when the coffee through a straw, don't drink the milkshake, and milkshakes, and can't drink coffee, how to do? Don't have to wait for a milkshake melt? In order to solve this difficult problem, love to drink milkshakes americans began to straw - — This for so many years haven't changed things move the brain, and there was it - — 一根稻草。 STRAW, this name is actually 'Suction Tube for Reverse Axial Withdrawal' abbreviations, such as said earlier, it is the problem to be solved is to drink coffee at the same time also can enjoy the delicious shake. You know, it's a lot of people dream of things. For this reason, the McDonald's to JACE Engineering and NK Labs, designers and engineers, they also once served in the Google Project Ara Project, ask them to redesign from fluid mechanics Angle of straw. You don't dismiss this small straw, drink to make sure that both effortlessly into things, and be sure to achieve the above conditions, how to change the position of the suction can have the same effect, it's not a easy thing. A few months, don't know how many cup team for this drink milkshakes, however, they devised such a unique shape of straws, it has three holes, can get at the bottom of the cup at the same time, the middle layer of cream, mint, and upper shake, with such a straw, in sorching summer may be picked up again shake won't feel hot. According to McDonald's, the straw will be launched in the next two weeks, you can at McDonald's American website by purchasing a corresponding products, however, is there any quantity limitation. Now temporarily no message to launch domestic. Technological so powerful, let the traditional and rigid traditional industry also can follow grow up with The Times, as long as is applied proper, can even cause constant topic, let a person on the product. This regard, not only the McDonald's, KFC and starbucks in recent years also has a nice try.
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