Hard plastic ear is not working - Why don't you try a silicone ears hang - Silicone rubber headset

by:Smily Mia     2020-11-03
Earplugs to become the choice of consumers a few years ago, the practical performance of the debate, the evaluation of drift not beautiful appearance has a different choice, you also know that now the market trend, as long as it is an unfavorable environmental health material can produce a kind of can't you see the product, so now both earbuds and comparing the hot ears hang for material selection and comment are seriously, the material of relatively popular on the market at present, the silicone material, PU, PV, and so on material, and you choose what kind of? For ears hang, is a practical function, such as decompression, listening to lectures, chair and so on are all used so the choice of material is important, appear on the market of plastic ears hang and earplugs is more, a lot of friends that know, just a plastic material is qualitative hardness is unable to adjust the lead to use for a long time will appear behind the ears hurt phenomenon, so this phenomenon appeared later and silica gel products industry has developed a similar products. Said to silicone ears hang may still do not know a lot of friends for design above, one of the biggest is a little bit, is that let a person wearing more comfortable, let you say goodbye to the ear pain solve the phenomenon of earphone drops, so not only can silicone ears hang from a silicone products manufacturer to adjust the different degree of hard and soft, to adapt to different age stages of the consumer, also can design different size from the mold and softness of different shapes, while on the silicone material, I think if the silicone material is environmental protection, it estimates that nothing can be more perfect than it, so for the ears hang in life, you choose a silicone material? Dongguan silicone products manufacturer - Jiahao honey
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