Headset silica gel sets of wearing comfort is good

by:Smily Mia     2021-01-03
The hand gel and generally larger difference headphones silica gel sets of wearing comfort is good, is indivisibility, before is a little similar with heat shrinkable casing. Silica gel set up inside the pipe outside, in the case of we get sucked underneath each rope, silicone rubber automatic tightening, will be put on the rod handle. Silica gel is put on glue on a dragon living on the handle, promoted the beauty is generous also raised some touch, only present the type of pattern design is relatively less, as if only the dragon and bright surface, expect to release some more in the future. EP51 phone headset hole forming part of a whole material level key to plastic, mobile phone headset filter part chooses big pitch sheet design scheme of steel surface filter for voice quality has the very good penetration, and in the mobile phone headset lumen area also added some rare skillful design, easier to silica gel set according to buy stationary, better improve wear firmly, within the circle part also added traditional sign up and down. EP51 tuning hole parts design scheme to compare our Cain, according to the invisible silicone set basis after tuning, and tuning hole direction down the design scheme of can very good straight sweat corrosion of precipitation, more change to improve fitness moistureproof practical effect during the whole process. FIIL carry star 2 earmuffs size moderate accord with most people's ear hole with a lot of different specifications of the silica gel set again provide the choice to give to the different groups to a large number of selected, even if the long-term wear can also ensure good comfort. So that it is reasonable to improve cell phone headset wearing reliability, bean, interior designer except for voyer5200 masterminded a ears hang, in applying the in-ear headphones structure design, and is equipped with three big small and medium-sized silicone sets. We can see in the picture above, three on the appearance of the silica gel sets and we usually use some silica gel sets, and ears hang together, can keep the cell phone headset fixed good leisure, not easy because of the structure of the traditional in-ear headphones, prompted a significant discomfort after long-term wear. The commodities to adopt the biological technology, nanotechnology set of body covered with nanotechnology hole guide sweat, prompting limb sweating a lot can be immediately to the outside of the silica gel set, to prevent the great intensity or long-term wearing silicone sets, silicone sets of bottom water problem caused, further improves the wearing comfort and reliability of the silica gel sets, headphones silica gel sets of wearing comfort is good also as far as possible to prevent the limb prosthesis disease caused by long-term raw.
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