High quality silicone buttons - Custom manufacturer of high quality silicone buttons

by:Smily Mia     2020-12-19
High quality silicone buttons - Custom manufacturer of high quality silicone buttons the touch-tone feel is optimized proportion comfortable handle key travel decision feel is mainly from the key cap height, key stroke, rap strength, sound four angles to consider. Ok button should be smooth, soft, elastic moderate and sensitive, buttons and no obvious horizontal shaking, loosen the bounce immediately after you press the jump process should be close to silent. From the relevant information query to Enjoy buttons using alpine square with level 1. 5 mm key, a key range 0. 25 mm, reaction 1. 57 Newton belongs to the light button. At the same time Enjoy in after several adjustments in the design of P + R value, in the bottom cushion to select the high elastic high quality silica gel, it is with other adopt ABS material and silicone material composition differs from the ordinary buttons, better hand feeling of force feedback, absorbed the mechanical sound of buttons at the same time, there will not be a button to send acerbity, laborious, and kaka. High quality silicone key high quality silica gel custom: the key process relative to other silica gel is much complicated, from basic color to final packaging, there are many process middle, at this point, it is not every silicone products factory, you can do a lot of silicone products processing factory are small workshops form, especially in jiangsu and zhejiang area of silicone rubber products manufacturers are doing mould are almost no quality assurance, although the price is quite cheap, but the mould open mold and product production quality is unable to satisfy the customer. It is also more and more customers choose in jiahao honey when she open mold about the reason. High quality silicone buttons manufacturers: to introduce the phone structure design features of P + R buttons and related parameters: mobile P + R main key points according to the thickness can be divided into ultrathin and conventional buttons. Before production of the clamshell machine, slide machine because thickness limit, when the key space is even less than 2 mm thickness, but directly USES the sheet and the structure of the silica gel. In general sheet can be stalloy ( The thickness of the sheet steel is in commonly 0. 2 - 0. 5毫米) Or PC tablets, in order to ensure that key not correlation between sheet will use between different function keys on the hole separated ( Such as MOTOROLA cell phone V3V6 main buttons did) , silica gel is used in order to get a good feel, when users touch plastic have the effect of transfer function. High quality silicone button factory phone: 1, told the day every employee production model capacity target and bad control range, told employees must complete the task of achieving goals is the day, beyond the embodiment of the target is a personal ability, and will be recorded in the recommendation that a column for reference; 2, guide the staff to achieve one do, two, three tracking refers to the first one do do it again and look for staff to tell their processing quality requirements, the production techniques of silicone buttons, let staff to quickly understand; 2 see refers to looking at employee production operation, find errors in a timely manner to correct, and please employees a way to develop methods for employees with innovation have a better way to can adopt and support; Three tracking refers to the production process in each time period for employees to follow production status to deal with problems in a timely manner; 3, ready to take the lead role, law of the people first self-critical, guide the staff have correct ideas values!
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