High quality silicone buttons - Dongguan high quality custom silicone buttons telephone

by:Smily Mia     2021-12-02
High quality silicone buttons a, silicone buttons: is made of silicone material through hydraulic forming, spraying, screen printing, laser carving production process, such as surface feel soft than other buttons, technology is relatively simple, low cost. Is mainly used in: remote control key, low-end mobile phone keys, calculator, telephone keypad, electronic toys, key, and other electronic products, etc. High quality silicone key high quality silica gel custom: these silicone buttons have a plenty of monochromatic forming, have a plenty of multicolor, button surface screen printing characters are also different. Because we are a mould opening undertake customer for custom silicone products factory, although the effect is different, but the process is the same. These silicone buttons is a customer to provide 3 d drawings or physical mould of custom, but others provide products of the shell and the PCB version, or provide only a concept, after our engineer to communicate with customers engineering drawing after proofing. High quality silicone buttons manufacturers: die buttons are available according to customers drawings or samples processing, mold made of silicone buttons, test confirmation of structure and production process can be mass production. Before production mould generally requires mould sand blasting surface treatment, if the silicone key requirements for the glossy surface is sprayed glass sand, requirements for spray mist is silicon carbide or mixed sand, if no request can be mixed spray sand. According to the quality of customer orders, specifications to determine hardness of the rubber and the impression of buttons, according to the formula in the mixing mill mixer machine mixing, according to the test when making out rubber specification sheet with PE film bag; At the same time ready to release agent, conductive adhesive black grain and various tools. High quality silicone buttons to customize the factory phone: 1, plastic key cap and silicone liner key using special glue stick together, there will be a falls off phenomenon. This generally has two kinds of circumstances, it is: less glue point: the second is: silica gel lining on the key treatment no brush in place. 2, plastic key cap and silicone liner key assembly offset, appear this phenomenon may be: (1), assembly fixture is out of order, (2), plastic keys put backwards, slanting. 3, plastic keys with Nick, the cases are: one, the plastic key cap injection when there is a scratch; Second, when cutting scratch; Three, assembly fixture with impurity particles, eventually plastic keys scratch; Four buttons, plastic packaging when put bad, between products and the products caused by rubbing against each other. Transducer of silicone buttons just as its name implies is the oscilloscope button, silicone raw materials do believe that a lot of people don't understand what is an oscilloscope, because this thing, not for our personal use of the oscilloscope is most used in enterprises or institutions, is used to measure the alternating current (ac) or the shape of the pulse current wave instrument, by vacuum tube amplifier, sweep oscillator, a cathode ray tube, etc. In addition to the observation of current waveform, also can be used to measure the frequency, voltage, etc. Who can become electric effect of periodic physical process can use the oscilloscope. With the improvement of living standards and scientific and technological progress, people in the cultivation of children's health function and material requirements for children's toys also will increase. Children's toys are using silicone products on the market, this article from the aspects of silicone raw materials explain why toys are using silicone buttons. (1) the silicone raw materials are extracted from natural mineral mixture, no chemical harmful substances, environmental protection materials are SG3 tests before production. (2) when use silicone buttons feel is very stiff, Key manufacturing, quality use of keys feel value, value of springback has a corresponding control) Force requirements are suitable for children. (3) the silicone buttons surface can feel oil processing, using silica gel products feel after oil, button skin smooth surface is suitable for children. (4) the silicone button can according to customer's requirement when produce the keys out of different kinds of color, modulation can better distinguish between keys function ( Such as red buttons: digital, the green button: singing, yellow button: animal calls, etc. ) , in the use of keys, a child can understand more like buttons using the collocation of color and function. (5) the silicone buttons can undertake radium vulture, can be carved out all sorts of design on the key animals, figures, etc. , pervious to light the adornment of the buttons can get more like a child. 6 silicone keyboard more major is non-toxic harmless, even children often use teeth button type keyboard, parents also can rest assured that the key material without any harm to the body.
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