High temperature silicone rubber band - The manufacturer of custom high temperature silicone rubber band phone

by:Smily Mia     2021-04-11
High temperature silicone rubber band - The manufacturer of custom high temperature silicone rubber band calls for its use may be a lot of friends know better than I what it can do to use in what place, but speaking of the origin of it may have lots of friends don't know, but what material made of it? Here do you remember when LingJi years when we use the rubber band? That is our one of the most common rubber bands are extensive is yellow, this kind of material is with latex material production, not to say with the development of technology in different material in the production of rubber bands, also material has the SBS, TPR, natural rubber, latex, and so on! But with the attention of environmental protection, and gradually obtained the huge demand of the market, in recent years began to popular in the market. High temperature silicone rubber silicone rubber band high-temperature custom: of course, a promotion on the market of silicone products from raw materials to finished products need to pass many working procedure, so about bad product phenomenon in addition to the source in other process also matters, after each working procedure of check processing and can become a finished product that is the key to product, we are manufacturer of silicone rubber bands, for example, the phenomenon of bad often could be pull litre degree of toughness is not good enough, also may be a little deformation phenomenon will affect the quality of your goods, sundry phenomenon has become the common adverse phenomenon in our this product, and the quality of the suppliers quality above shows the problem! For the product of unhealthy phenomenon should also strict control. High temperature resistant silicone rubber manufacturer: seal form, according to the load types can be divided into static seal and dynamic seal; According to sealing purpose can be divided into the hole with seal, shaft sealing and the axis of rotation sealing; According to the type of installation: installed the radial and axial. Radial installation for shaft seal, should make the silicone rubber band inside and sealed diameter deviation between small as much as possible; To hole with seal, should make its inner diameter equal to or slightly less than the diameter of the groove. Axial installation time, want to consider stress direction. Internal pressure, the silicone rubber band outside diameter should be larger than the groove diameter about 1% ~ 2%; When external pressure, should make the silicone rubber band inside diameter smaller than groove diameter about 1% ~ 3%. Mainly in the production process using composite solid silica added silica masterbatch to mixed deployment of mixing rubber, after hydraulic press and the mold assembly to devolve into rubber by high temperature vulcanization forming, the forming principle of main are adding sulphur, if vulcanizing agent of silicone material failure of the product is not forming, so the vulcanizing agent to add to the effect of silicone rubber bands is relative, in the molding process of the hardness of silicone rubber bands can allocate is 20 degrees - Between 80 degrees, the color can be according to any desired colour, in convenient performance relative to other materials is more outstanding, anti-aging effect better, secondly compared with other material silicone feel better, more smooth! Generally can be by SGS, ROHS, FDA and other several certification testing. Silicone rubber band high-temperature are degrees: in daily life, because too familiar with often just give it a little, but the designer will rubber circle shape for a big change for many years, in addition to material r&d extend its service life, the action of a variety of colorful modelling, change your attitude towards the silicone rubber band contempt. They can be used to bind bento boxes, stationery, books, package, sweet little gift, roll photos, return the music CD, if can use on this cute little thing, receives people will be very happy. Children's lunch boxes, office decoration, all kinds of USES for different fun. Combined with excellent light fastness, use for a long time also can maintain such as new, not immediately become worn out. After long time use, the silicone rubber band will be widened slightly, as long as let stand for a period of time, will be a little bit oh. All color rubber bands are luminous yo, whether it's with focus on the hand or a hair in the evening you are! High temperature silicone rubber band custom factory telephone: ordinary silica gel used in product performance is not outstanding, used for ordinary silicone accessories products, daily necessities basic meteorology act can choose the tension high demand products made of silicone, main advantages, pull litre degree of ascension, products feel is different, the product density is higher compared with the same hardness of materials will be a little bit more weight! Second vulcanizing agent can choose yellow platinum resistance vulcanizing agent to ensure that the product color and odor, overall raw materials and production process is the most effective way to ensure that the silicone product life!
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