Hot tea utensils really work

by:Smily Mia     2020-10-04
Dining out, a lot of people have the habit of take scalding water tableware disinfection. Citizens recently Mr Han found the table during a meal in a hotel friends blanching tableware, suddenly thought of a pot of boiling water for customers in the hotel can directly 'dishes'. But Mr Han more think more don't feel at ease, after the meal tea iron really work? Even work, customer already pay for disinfection tableware, why to do the dishes? Why can stand by the hotel, the department in charge of the what to do again? With the reader in a series of questions, the reporter undertook investigating to disinfection tableware industry. History of journalists pursue peace mephala status quo tea hot dishes as 'verbal habits' actually does little psychological comfort just recently, reporter visited the jinan mountain east road, hui district gathered galleria notice, as well as the grand view garden hotel use disinfection tableware is not a few, the customer before dinner, most vendors will be on the table a set plastic wrap packaging good dishes, looks very clean. However, the reporter noticed that many people apart after packaging good disinfection tableware, still can use tea iron, in hopes of tableware disinfection. Packing good disinfection tableware after opening in tea hot tube doesn't work? Jinan yedda Chen told reporters, the centers for disease control and staff to achieve disinfection effect, need to both temperature and time to reach a certain standard. 'Generally need to use 3-100 degrees of boiling water will tableware More than 5 minutes to work, like restaurant at ordinary times the water is 70, 80 degrees Celsius, so even if some bacteria can survive for dozens of minutes. 'Yedda Chen said that the scalding water tableware is also just satisfy consumer psychological demands, effect is not big, actually. Yedda Chen, however, think that although tea hot tableware disinfection 'the effect not beautiful, but the consumer still can pay attention to how to identify tableware health situation. 'Specifically three 'see', it is to see the outer packing is complete; 2 it is to see whether there are visible to the naked eye on tableware dirt and grease stain; Third, look have marked it producer name and address, production date, shelf life etc. 'Yedda Chen said. Tableware with worry 'CDC testing' nor completely no problem according to reporter understanding, since 2007, this set of tableware disinfection 'mainstream' has become the jinan many restaurant tableware, merchants favored. Business hotel more than two years of Mr Yin to reporters calculated brushstroke zhang: now on the market the supply of complete sets of white porcelain tableware disinfection of hotel prices generally at 0. 5, 0. 6, 0. 7 yuan three price, the hotel provided to customers is market price 1 yuan, that is to say, even with the most expensive 0. On average every 7 yuan tableware, hotel tableware also can back to zero. 3 yuan, equivalent to spend on each tableware cost only 0. 4 yuan. Mr Yin told reporters: 'if you don't use disinfection tableware, hire someone to clean themselves, at least two people open the salary of 2000 yuan per person, per month, the space of the kitchen also must expand, increase the two under the sink, cost is not cost-effective. 'As for disinfection tableware itself whether it is true that health, Mr Yin, according to the problem for them is a' not important '. Reporter in a produced by jinan one of electric heating technology co. , LTD on disinfection tableware packaging to see the wording 'this product has the centers for disease control and testing', then the logo represents tableware no problem? The reporter understands by contacting jinan centers for disease control and prevention, the company will indeed product samples for inspection, 'but the inspection qualified also does not guarantee that it is no problem at all. 'According to introducing, the centers for disease control and prevention in the case of enterprise voluntary inspection, the inspection batch tableware for testing, and to issue the test report. Even qualified is not permanent report conclusion, the centers for disease control and only responsible to send the samples.
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