Hot waterproof silicone buttons

by:Smily Mia     2020-12-09
Hot apple among patent description said waterproof silicone buttons, waterproof button components including shell openings and buttons. Buttons can be through the opening at least partially positioning inside the shell. The component can also include multiple joint is located in a relatively remote button widget. Multiple mating part can be configured to hold the button in the shell. The component can also include multiple supports, sensing the component parts can locate near the shell and aligned with the buttons and/or tactile dome, used for sensing component button in the actuator. Hot hot waterproof silicone waterproof silicone button button manufacturer: first of all, the key structure is not can have a positioning hole, once design positioning hole, when water inflows into the keys, possibly from a crack in the positioning hole into the circuit board. Second, buttons also need to design the waterproof, waterproof edge refers to the silicone button at the bottom of the four surrounding, to design a higher in button at the bottom of the thickness of the silicone waterproof wall, again according to the chassis, with the circuit board and buttons, fixed slot (on the edge of the waterproof wall design Usually a semicircle) The location of the fixed groove needs a certain distance and PCB circuit location. Dongguan factory: what are the hottest waterproof silicone buttons silicone buttons in the field of all kinds of devices are very common, but different areas were different to the requirement of the silicone buttons, some is pervious to light, and there are waterproof, jiahao honey today jas electronic silica gel products factory mainly teaches you how to design the waterproof silicone buttons. Silica gel is itself with waterproof properties, want to can have the effect of waterproof silicone buttons, from the aspects of key structural design consideration. Price: hot waterproof silicone buttons after-sales service provided by the brand manufacturers, superior, (from the date of you to buy the product In the date of formal upgrade paper) , product warranty period if you have to buy the products by seller test for determining fault generated by electronic components can't normal use of the product, would you please carry the complete wait for distributors in free replacement products and accessories, or contact the service center and then you give up to product delivery, excellent after-sales service center, free warranty related processing by the after-sales service center! The third precision size control, product design out can do it is another matter, making up to the main product size tolerance, flash size whether can meet the design requirements it is very important, should satisfy both the overall strength of the company such as mold design and processing, molding process and put forward the higher request. Dongguan chung yong silicone rubber after 20 years development mold accuracy + 0 can already do. 01 mm, flash control zha + 0. Less than 1 mm. Products are widely used in dongfeng nissan, Toyota, Honda, BYD and other international famous brands. Above is about popular waterproof silicone buttons related content, please telephone contact us: if you need custom silicone products - 400 0769 - 878, or directly landing jiahao honey jas website for details: WWW. weishungj。 com
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